What Happened to May?

How did it become June?

Ah–because of this one.

It’s a good excuse.

But things have been going on. And I plan to write about there here as well as there.

But I have things to tell you all.

Like my mighty list, my hook, my upcoming picnic, and my sewing. Oh yes, I have been sewing. Since we last chatted, I’ve made two lovely crib sheets, a couple of sweet pinafores for Georgia and have more planned for the summer.

So here’s to some rekindling a romance with Good Craftenoon. There is a lot to love here. I’ve missed it so!

Stay tuned.


I just got back from celebrating  a friend’s birthday in the city.  I almost didn’t go, but I missed my very dear friend Karen.  At times I feel I am stretched so thin with my full time job, my blogs, my family, my life that I feel I am going to drop it all.  But I must remember that it is all OK.  That sometimes life just gets a bit packed, but that it the long run, that’s OK.  And you can and should always squeeze in time with friends–particularly ones as dear as Karen.

I am so thankful for this hectic little life of mine.   I am so lucky to have had more laughter in it than tears. And I think about my little Peach and all of the wonderful firsts that she is about to experience. Her first day of summer vacation. Her first blow on a dandelion. Her first best friend.  Her first pair of high heels. Her first dance. The first time a boy tells her she love him. Her first favorite song. Her first meteor shower. So many exquisite little moments of light that will make her life whole. It is humbling to think about it all.

Here is to firsts.

Hullo 2010!

New year!

Like a beautiful piece of creamy paper.

I am not really one for New Year’s resolutions, but a new year always seems to put a fresh breath in one’s lungs.  It is almost like a birthday wish of things you want to come true.

So, here is my little list of mini goals I like to think of it more as gentle reminders  of little ways to ensure that you will smile more in the months to come.

This year I want to:

  • Wear more dresses
  • Use the library more
  • Don’t say sorry unless it is warranted

Very small things, but things that will make me smile more. I love a good dress. Expect a post soon on dresses. And expect a good post on the Alameda library. And hopefully expect the posts to flow as much as they did last year. At least I hope that is the case.

Oh and if you have favorite online stores for dresses and books to recommend, please send those along too, please! I am desperate for ideas!

Let the festivities begin!

Happy Holidays!

I can’t lie. It’s been a hectic December.  I wish I could say it was because I was going out to fancy parties, or shopping while looking at pretty Christmas windows or having a special holiday tea or making Christmas cookies

But it is still that wonderful time of year. I’m having a tough time dusting off the holiday cheer when to me it is so closely linked to being back East. But I must make these California Christmases equally special.

Who doesn’t need a little holiday cheer right about now.

A little story told in gingerbread from CHOW!

And to put a little cherry on this Christmas Eve, my Sweetie and I took the Peach on a last minute trip to see Mr. C.  Here she is waiting in line in a certain hand knit sweater, that was perfect for Christmas!


Afterall, she has been so very good.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I’ll catch you all on the flip side!

Holiday Shopping

Tis the season for shopping.

But the stores this weekend were looking a little care-worn.

Check this friend’s photo from a store this weekend. Yowch!


It looks like someone had a bar fight in this aisle!

I understand the toughness of working retail during the holidays. One December after college I spent hustling pantyhose in the hosiery department of a local department store and still can’t look at a package of DKNY black stockings without getting a little shiver down my spine.

So, to all of you retail soldiers out there, I salute you and raise a glass of egg nog your way! Only 24 more hours left!

A Kinda Crafty Christmas

Of course I’d love to make all of my holiday gifts by hand, but since I usually have only five minutes a day to craft and so many presents to  give, I think I may have to rely on the craftiness of others to help me through.

Which is why I plan on going to this year’s Renegade Craft Fair next Saturday. BooYAH!


Heck, if I can’t craft, then I’d like to support other crafters whose ingenuity and appreciation for hand-made makes my world and theirs better.

Happy Birthday Melinda!

Girl, you rock.

You rock because you actually made it to 50,000 words on NaNoWriMo–even with managing a play, performing in the piece and handling Thanksgiving dinner for 12.

You rock for making the scale go down instead of up.

You rock for being a spectacular mother who fights causes not only for her own amazing and super cute kidlet, but for other Moms being the voice of reason in a world of over-parenting.

You rock for turning 40 with as much passion and charm and love for life as any kid hitting 21. In fact more.

Quite simply, lady. You ROCK.

Happy birthday, Melinda! I owe you a whiskey and ginger ale. And keep up the fight, woman!


Have you read NieNie Dialogues?

I first heard about Stephanie Nielson as many people did–when other people blogged about her plane accident.

But I started reading her beautiful blog in earnest about a month ago and her perfectly worded posts that say so very very much more than the words on the screen.  Sometimes I am knocked out by them.


Photo by Cheryl Evans

Here is the first part of a beautiful story about her in Arizona Republic.  Get your hankie ready. And get ready to feel very very thankful for the little things in your life like hugging. And really what else is more important than a hug.

A Little Makeover

Every girl needs a new look and I’m head over heels for my new header courtesey of Miss Aya over at Strawberry Koi!  I highly suggest you amble over to her site of pretty things because it is highly addictive!

Three cheers for Aya!  Thank you so very much for the new ‘do!

Hope you all like it as much as I do.

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