Auntie Jen gave us the most amazing holiday present–watching the Peach while my sweetie and I saw the movie  Sherlock Holmes starring my beloved Jude Law and Robert Downey Junior.

My first job was working in a library shelving books and I remember Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes sitting on the shelf always always always there. Never moving. And yet, here it is in glorious technicolor.  I do wonder whether or not this movie will help move that book off the shelf.


The movie was a lot of fun with a touch of steam-punk.

But to me, my heart will always belong to Young Sherlock Holmes.


While other teens swooned over Duran Duran, I felt a heart flutter over the awkward British dreamboat that is Nicholas Rowe.  What can I say, the geeky 8th grade heart wants what the geeky 8th grade heart wants.

Boob Tube Bonanza

Tonight is a virtual rock block of TV awesomeness on Fox. So You Think You Can Dance followed by the Fall Finale of Glee.

Just the fact that Glee is going away for four months is enough to have me wearing black tomorrow in grief. So, I must drink up every moment of Glee glam while I can.  Oh, I hope they don’t leave us with too much of a cliffhanger.  Yikes!  How will I live without being able to quote Sue Sylvester?

And I just don’t  know who they could possibly cut from So You Think You Can Dance! Any way you slice it will sadden me.  I must admit I’m rooting for Jakob–I mean, did you see  Jacob and Mollee’s Viennese waltz?

But whoever wins doesn’t really win because, Billy Bell left the competition and even in the short bits that we did see him dance–well, it was simply magical. Let’s remember he had Adam Shankman crying, people–just at the audition.

And that Mandy Moore piece to Coldplay was so yummy.

Oh Billy, only you could rock a pair of postman pants in a dance number.

And as if tonight isn’t bananas enough, Bravo is tormenting me with the finale of this season of Top Chef. PATHOS!  I’m on Team Kevin.

I just wish I could stay up past 8:30PM…

Who are you rooting for?

The Fantastic Mr. Wes Anderson

I am a huge Wes Anderson fan and found the best fan page of his! It’s called Rushmore Academy and it is worth spending a lunch hour perusing and falling into that delicious corduroy lined world of Wes Anderson and his movies that always make me smile.

Not only does the blog feature the latest news on Mr. Anderson, but also show pictures of his fans–like this great wedding which has touches of Anderson wonder about it and even people’s Halloween costumes based on Wes Anderson characters. I’m going to knit Georgia a Team Zissou hat tonight!


And hopefully, I’ll have a chance to see his newest movie,  The Fantastic Mr. Fox sometime soon too!


All summer long people were bugging me about Glee. Had I seen it yet? Don’t I love it? Isn’t it amazing? Yeah yeah yeah. Whatever. I have a baby, people. I don’t need to worry about a TV series about highschool kids, right?

I was so wrong. Oh, so wrong.


Because I LOVE GLEE! It’s is hilarious. How can you not love a show where they say things like, “no one is going to swim over to your island of misfit toys” and not crack a smile.

And how clever to incorporate the loser L into “Glee”. Pure Genius.

OK, I promise this will be the last TV post for awhile. But TV watching means quality time to do some crafting…like knitting!

But before we go, let’s take a moment to pause on the awesomeness of Jane Lynch.

Oh, Jane, as if you didn’t make Julie and Julia sparkle enough, you sashay onto Glee dropping funny bones left and right.


Mad Links for Mad Men


I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of Mad Men.  It makes me miss my Film Theory classes in college. So many layers, so many fabulous sets and so many divine dresses. Oh my, the clothes!

Mad Men is one of those great shows that do not necessarily gets a lot of watercooler action in real life, (I mean, who has time to stand around at work?)  But hooboy! thank heavens for the Internet where I can talk about the show in great detail to my heart’s desire.

There is a great convo about last night’s episode with the oh so dry Richard Lawson–he’s so clever and his fellow writer Stefanie Lee for a little he said, she said take on the show.

Of course a Mad Men convo cannot be had without a nod to TiLo’s great blog and their terrific write ups that they post every Monday. And let’s not forget TelevisionWithoutPity’s always deliciously hilarious if not slightly snarky write-ups.

Another great fansite is Basketful of Kisses–a sweet nod to the first season when Don saw Peggy’s gift of creative describing a wastepaper basket filled with women’s lipstick prints on paper.

I love that Sew Retro is even doing a whole month on the show, asking its participants to get into the Mad Men spirit by making clothes from the era. I love this Joan dress! Heck, I love Joan!

There is also AMC’s great MadMen site where they have left no marketing stone unturned–from sixties cocktails to Banana Republic helping bring buzz to this show. And let’s not forget the amazing MadMen cartoon that has taken over almost every Facebook profile for at least a day.  Well played, AMC marketers, well played…

Apologies for writing about it a day late, but I can’t stay until 11:00PM on a week night with a baby!

Speaking of babies…Spoiler alert…


What was with Betty’s dreams? And why is Don so quick to wipe  Betty’s father out of the picture.  And is it just me, or is little Pete becoming something of a worthy fellow. And they are slowly bringing race into the episodes.

I have been told that the show is certainly real to the early sixties. My parents can’t watch it because it cuts too close to the bone.  My parents were about the age of Peggy.  I forget how far we’ve come. And sometimes not far enough.

True Blood Bath

Before my dear friend Jennifer left for London, she got me hooked on the HBO series True Blood. It’s not Mad Men, but it’s one heck of a fun way to spend an hour staring at your TV.


And boy, did I fall head over heels for this addictive vampire show. I watched so many of the episodes so quickly, spending a good chunk of Labor Day weekend annoying all of my loved ones with my really bad interpretation of a Southern/Cajun accent.

I must admit I have never cracked open Bram Stoker’s Victorian novel Dracula, but thanks to years of watching Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, admittedly seeing Twilight more times than a woman in her thirties should admit to and now adding True Blood to the mix, I know this:

  • You must ask a vampire to enter your house, they can’t do that on their own
  • Vampires clearly have a thing of virgins
  • There are the exceptionally good vampires who have feelings and love, but they almost always have a past vampire girlfriend who is really no good
  • Vampires are usually the gateway supernatural being for humans to find a whole mess of crazy demons and stuff by the second season

I can’t WAIT for this Sunday’s final episode of True Blood!  And I must MUST find an mp3 of that great opening song, “I want to do bad things to you….”  And a Lafayette poster. I loves me some LAFAHYETTE! I also love the when Lafayette was so troubled he reached for an old crocheted blanket. (A craft side note…)  But I must admit agree with Richard Lawson that the Queen Vampire wasn’t as charming as I thought she would be.

Anyone else a fan?

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