All the Drunken Ladies

My darling and dearest chum Eileen has always been my craft sister.  We are very much alike, except she is much more sparkly than I am. Her crafts always have a twist of glamour. Like this twist–a lip gloss crafting party.

No joke, people.

Eileen in all of her red glittery fabulous-ness had 13 crafty ladies over for a bonanza of lip gloss goodness.


Eileen even gave each girl a little apron to work in, because, it’s just a bit messy, this lip gloss making magic.  Here is our gal, Mel modeling one of the aprons.I don’t think she looks too drunk, do you?


As you can see making lip gloss is a tad messy, that’s why we had the aprons or THIS could have been smudge on our dresses!


i think it is a modern day miracle after 12 empty bottles of champagne and peach liquor that we actually managed to make the lip gloss, but we did. Here’s mine.  Maybe I do look drunk here.


Eileen, I bow to your glittery, crafty awesomeness! Hugs and kisses to you!

Modern Peacho

The Peach has added so much to my life.

She is my morning smile. She is my giggle. She is my sweet dream.

And she is my inspiration on a new site I started with my darling friend Miss Alex of Strawberry Lemonade. It’s called Modern Kiddo and  will feature fun, cute kid’s clothing with a healthy dose of well-designed kids toys and room decor thrown in for good measure.

If you have a little one or know a little one, drop on by. Don’t forget to bookmark us and please, spread the word!

Good Bye Cape Cod

Holidays are full of traditions. And today I found out about a beloved family tradition that will end.

My parents have decided to sell their place on Cape Cod.

Which is really strange for me since I spent every summer there in my childhood and every Christmas there in my adulthood.

I always thought Christmas in Cape Cod would be in my daughter’s future.  A wonderful tradition to share with her. Of scallop Christmas tree lights and walks down to the beach with the nip of cold air working off a very full tummy after spending the week making cookies for the family.  And the chance of snow.

And this is where my sweetie proposed. This is where my father introduced each of my little nieces and nephews to his love of trains. This is where we cranked out dozens of Christmas cookies. This is where my heart has been so full.


But my heart is full now and  I like to think that it will open the door for new traditions that my sweetie and I will start with our little family.

Oh and BTW, thank you all for your comments on the ricractastic Christmas tree, but sanity prevailed and the ricrack is now just used to taunt my sweetie with in private as opposed to on the Christmas tree.   Tee hee!

The Day After

What a lovely day after a crazy week. Here’s a picture of my poor kitchen the day after still bearing the battle scars of a successful Thanksgiving dinner.

And this is after a full dance with the dishwasher and properly putting away the leftovers.

So much to be thankful for.

For food poisoning that cleared itself out of my system in time to enjoy a bit of my week’s cooking labors.

For my fever-free Peach and the nice folks at Children’s Hospital.

And of course for family, friends and a warm plate of leftovers the next morning.

I hope all you had a wonderful day full of special people that make it all so worthwhile in the long run.

When Polish Pottery is Fashion Inspiration

You get rocking stuff like THIS:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a big ole crush on Polish pottery for more than 10 years. Although it is rather spendy, I find a nice piece every now and then at TJ Maxx. The famous pottery pattern is so charming and lively that it shouldn’t surprise me that Hannah would find some nifty fashion inspiration in those beautiful bowls.


I am totally crushing on Hannah’s charming folkloric woodland creature creations.  Maybe you should be too!

Check out all of her fun creations on her site: Made with Love by Hannah!

Happy Halloween! For me!

The emphasis now that I have a baby is not what I will go for Halloween, but what the Peach shall be.

But I remember when I would spend months contemplating what to go as for Halloween. I always try to do something significant to the times.

Here I am as Chelsea Clinton circa 1997 when she was just entering Stanford University as a freshman.  With two friends dressed as bodyguards. One dressed as a suit and the other as a “civilian” student. God I thought I was SO CLEVER! Thanks Rosemary for sending it along!


I will show you pictures of the Peach later this week and share with your the tragic tale of woe that is her Halloween costume.

Craft Mom to the Rescue

A package arrived in the mail last week from my Craft Mom.  I think you’ve all heard my references to Craft Mom (CM).  The awesome lady who taught me how to properly quilt, knit and everything else in between is a reader of my blog! And she read about my Bermuda bag lust.

CM left me the following message on Facebook one day:

“Be careful what you wish for…”

Well, the contents of the parcel were a BERMUDA BAG!!! HURRAH!!!! And not only is the Bermuda Bag super awesome, but it has a great cover to boot of flying quail on a maroon background. It doesn’t get more seventies Prep than THAT!

But as wonderful luck would have it, HappyMae, the maker of lovely Bermuda Bag covers on Etsy let me know that she made another bird cover!

Dreams do come true in Craftland!

Maybe I will splurge and get a pink one to match my and the Peach’s bucket hats!

Little Tween on the Prairie

Last night while doing an after dinner stroll online through the aisles of eBay, I found this gem.

Man, does this skirt take me back!


Did anyone else want nothing more for their birthday than to casually show up in at the movie theater with five of her friends to watch Love at First Bite* looking like a stone cold fox in a prairie skirt? I  remember  BEGGING my mom from Christmas to Easter nonstop to buy me a prairie skirt.  And dare I dream…wear it with a pair of clogs? (I know, again with the clogs…I’m THIS close to renaming the blog Good Clogernoon…, but I digress..)

I think my lust for this fashion-forward skirt of the late seventies/early eighties came partly from watching one too many Little House on the Prairie episode and my rampant readership/abuse of Young Miss Magazine which was full of clear faced dew models sashaying from cover to cover in dainty flower printed prairie skirt awesomeness.

To dream a little dream when one is young.

*Total side bar, but when I went to to find the info on the movie, I came across the Variety story, “Hamilton Stakes Out Batrimony”.  Oh, Variety, I love your bad puns!

Death Sip

Dear Kombucha Tea,

You taste like death.  With subtle undertones of the plague.

Why am I drinking you again?


– Leslie

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