Fall Into the Danger Zone Part 1

Well, well well… look who’s crawling?

Yup. The Peach is mobile. And all of a sudden our charming little keep has turned into a complete danger zone.

Exhibit A: our charming fireplace.

It was the first thing I loved about our house. It’s sweet clean lines are beautiful to me. And I love the doors that keep all of our heat from going out.

But this is the only thing I notice about it nowadays.  This bloodcurdling evil corner.

It’s bad enough that the past owner added this wacky honeycomb slate pattern to the top of it, but. Ugh. All I can imagine is the Peach’s eye hitting that corner.

Stay tuned for some clever crafting…

Ghosts of Halloween Past

Well, this is the beginnings of the Peach’s Halloween costume and the beginning of my tragic slide into craft angst.

When I was seven I was given the role of a woodpecker to play in the school play. When I came skipping home to my mother telling her I needed a woodpecker costume in two days, I didn’t notice how all of the color drained from her face.  As I’ve mentioned before my mother is not crafty.  I realized this the day she presented me with the World’s Saddest Costume–one of my brother’s white t-shirt with two “feathers” cut out from a brown paper bag and half drawn in with a blue ball point pen.  And then a couple of feather-like shapes drawn onto the t-shirt with the same blue ball point pen skipping fabric every inch or so.  And not in a straight line.

You have to understand that I took a vow. As grand a vow as Scarlett said when after she ate that scrawny carrot and held her fist claiming she would never be hungry again.  Well, I promised my future children that they would never be embarrassed by their Halloween and or school play costumes!

Fast forward 30 years later and here I sit tired after a week’s worth of cleaning, cooking, baby wrangling and a full time job eating those innocent words I spit out as I furiously attempt to finish the Peach’s costume in time for Halloween.

It was so innocent at the beginning. I came up with the sweetest idea. How about a widdle bumble bee Halloween costume?  Make a cute little a-line jumper made of warm black and yellow  felt that will keep her cozy and match it with a hand knit hat. Perfect right?

Perfect for CRAFT FAIL.

Bibbity Bobbity Boo!

I am all about using up leftovers.

Like this great red and white polkadot oil cloth I bought to cover the top of the Peach’s changing table/dresser.

I had a long fat quarter that was perfect for baby bibs!

Thanks to my serger and 10 minutes of time, I am now the owner of four matching red and white polka dot bibs that you can easily wipe off the butternut squash/peas combo of baby food doom that don’t make it into her widdle mouth!

Please, may I have some more?

the ShamWow Obsession Continues

Dear readers, surely you all remember my complete obsession with Shamwow, right?

But then to see this lackluster product reborn as a (wait for it…) BABY BIB, well, I just about died.

shamwow bib

Vickie Howell of DIY Network’s sadly of the air Knitty Gritty TV show fame, I gotta hand it to you, this is very clever and very funny. I gotta say that I’m digging your blog a lot! In fact I’m digging you a lot!

shamwow bib2

Well played, Vickie. Well played!

Craftiness to the Rescue!

As a new mother, I spend a good chunk of time nursing the Peach in bed. And being a new mother, I live in blood curdling constant fear that my child is going to roll right off the bed and onto the hard wooden floor almost three feet away!

Here is a re-enactment with Raggedy Anne pretending to be the Peach on the edge of the bed! So scary, right?

I’m too crafty for that anxiety! So a half hour later with some foam, nice fabric and foam core board, I give you this:

I have never been prouder of my craftiness! OK, I will go back and make the fabric a touch tighter, but I am too busy to do it right now and felt the need for it to be greater than my need for perfection.  This is more for the remedial Slap Dash School of Craftiness.

Anyway, I call it “the paranoid mother board”. The Peach seems to like it too!

Pure genius!

Everyday a Little Craft

The Renegade Craft Fair did something to me. It reminded me how much I absolutely adore all things crafty. And how crafts can be taken in so many wonderful, exciting, delicious ways.  And how good I feel when I do it–anything that could be considered a craft.  It is not even about making the most perfect item, it’s just the process of doing it that fills something in me–scratches that itch to create.

But sometimes I get overwhelmed by my crafty inspirations.

All of the dresses and skirts to be made, the sweaters and socks to knit, darling embroidery ideas that are popping into my head, and all of the things for the baby.  It can weigh me down instead of lift me up. And that’s not good. I need to recapture a bit of the passion I have for all of my crafts into actually doing them.

And it’s tough.  I have so many titles that must be tended.  Mother. Wife. Friend. Working Woman.  These I am finding can split me up, divide me, cut me down to the point where at the end of the day I droop into bed shredded, torn, exhausted.

Then, it occured to me that I need to sew myself together. I need to find the thread to weave through all of these titles, these roles. And that is craft.  I can be a crafty mother, a crafty wife, a crafty friend and a crafty working woman.

So bear with me, gentle reader, as I try to get my craft groove back on.  It’s going to be tough what with only slivers of time to myself. But if I’m going to figure out this work/life balance, craft must be part of the equation. And I want to share it with you.  And it’s not only about what crafts I make. It’s about all of the wonderful craft inspirations out there that make me so very very happy and I hope they’ll make you happy too!

Whether it’s just reviewing a book about a craft, finding other amazing crafters online, revel in an awesome craft tutorial, or –how crazy is this–actually MAKING something, it will help me be me.

So expect a reinvigorated Good Crafternoon! Perhaps with a fancy new updo in the upcoming months.

To start things off, I will show you a vintage bit of crafty goodness modeled with great flair by the Peach.


I bought this handmade vintage little chicken pinafore off of eBay for $3.00.  When I was pregnant, I hung it on a little hanger in my room and would think about the squirmy little body that would one day fill it. And here it is in all of its crafty wonderfulness living my dream in glorious technicolor wonder.  $3.00 never made me so happy!

I love vintage crafts. It’s like all of the love that went into creating it continues to live on beyond its first owner. And I’m always happy to feel the love!

Good crafternoon to all and to all a good night!

World’s Worst Mom thanks to a Craft Fair

This past weekend, the Peach met another milestone. First cold. It was quite heartbreaking to see all that goop come out of her. Here I am with her. You can see I am not happy about the first cold…

But what did this naughty mother do? Leave her little sweetheart to go to the Renegade Craft Fair in SF. I may be a Mom but I’m still a crafter at heart and I had to worship at the shrine of all things crafty and let me tell you this fair was perfect for that. So, I left my beloved snoozing Peach curled up on her father for a few hours in craft Nirvana.

Part of my reason for going was my obsession with picking up one of these gorgeous Alphabet prints from Inside the Black Apple.  L is for LACE? Yes, please!

Here is the lovely Emily wagging her finger at my naughtiness.

And the other reason was to check out the Amazing Devi and her Modern Seamster booth.

What you haven’t heard of Modern Seamster? What? WHAT! WHAT???  Well, you best hop skip it over there and check out this online amazing sewing magazine. Chop chop–I’ll wait….


The fair was full of funky hipsters who love to sew. It made me so happy! Where were all of these people when I was growing up and getting weird looks from people for knitting during recess? Where were they at the local Joann, where I was the only teenager in the place?  I am just glad they are here now and following their love of crafts and turning them into their livelihoods.  They inspire me every day.

So, here is my booty from the event. Another snappy print for the Peach’s room along with Emily’s.

And check out these great pins that will snap up my black cardigans at work. SUWEET!!!

All in all a genius way to spend  a few hours respite from sick baby. Who, by the way, is doing much better now. Phew!

At last–the crib skirt

Finally, here is the crib skirt I made for the Peach’s nursery out of a vintage table cloth.

It’s the same fabric style as the quilt I made before the baby was born for the nursery.

I like the look of it with the gingham edging–sweetly old fashion, but not too cloyingly girl nursery, I think.

I bought the crib bumpers from IKEA about nine months ago or so. However, I did have to take off all of the ties and add extras to have it properly fit my Jenny Lind crib.

And you can see touches of other items in the nursery. One of the drawbacks of this room is the complete lack of closet space. The original closet was turned into a stairwell to the knotty pine converted attic/craftroom/office.  Ever the Clever Clogs, I turned an old “office in a box” piece into a wardrobe and added more storage with a set of red vintage luggage.

And an old Raggedy of mine watches the Peach sleep.

More nursery updates throughout the month as I try to finish it before I head back to work.

Happy June, everyone!

It’s not Hammer Time

I love my child. And I love the fact that she can make anything look super cute.

Except these pants.

As the weather has been coolish and rainy for a good chunk of March and April and probably May, I feel the need to put pants on the Peach.  And my sweetie was kind enough to run into the frighteningly overwhelming BabiesRUs to pick up some pants for the baby. And returned with these baby-size MC Hammer pants.

You can see in this photo the tightness and long cuff of the green pair of pants here, and pointed out by Jen.

See how similar they are to the MC Hammer pants? Except for the gold lame.

Of course these do not match the cuteness of my baby. Surely, my baby deserves better?

Enter my obscene love of making my own bias tape. Like this darling yellow and spring green dot ones that I put on the bottom of the Peach’s pants:

Ahh… Much better!

The First Week

It’s been a week since we brought our little Peach home from the hospital and what fun she’s been. That is if your idea of fun consists of changing diapers and not sleeping. And spending hours just looking at your newborn daughter in awe/shock.  Here she is blissfully snoozing in her rolling vintage 1940s pram that we are using as a bassinet, swaddled in her favorite blanket, snuggled up next to our bed.

We spent the first day home cooing over our little daughter patting ourselves on the back for being so lucky to have a baby that slept six hours straight on her first day home. Only to find out the next day from our pediatrician that we were letting her dehydrate by not waking her up for feedings. So we were sent to breastfeeding bootcamp and entered the world of sleepless nights and crying babies.

But it did give me a chance to use and show off to you some small craft projects I worked on but never posted. The re-covering of my Boppy and my “Brest Friend” pillow that I bought used for $5 each.  Here they are!

And pregnant ladies out there–the my Brest Friend pillow really is amazing for breastfeeding.  Three of my new mom friends agree with me–it made all the difference in helping them get their breastfeeding acts together.  I had the fabric in my stash, but I was somewhat lazy and just re-did the top of my Brest Friend pillow and left the rest the demin. Whatever, it still rules!

And the boppy is good for holding the baby if nothing else.   You can see the heinous cover that was originally on the Boppy. Ick!

Next post is going to rule. I promise!

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