Knitting and a wee nook for the baby

Just short of offering this kid a pony, I’m doing things to coax our little Peach out.  The first was the quilt and now this–some knitting fun and a place for her.

I have been too anxious to even think about casting on something that I won’t have time to finish before the baby comes, and too pregnancy-brained to follow an actual pattern, so knitting projects have had to be pulled back to the most basic ones. But basic doesn’t mean not full of charm or perfect for the baby.

I somehow managed to finish this sweet little set of booties with a matching hat made from yarn I already had around–nicely modeled by Raggedy Anne.

Raggedy is also testing the little nook we carved out for the baby in our bedroom room, since the nursery is not ready yet. I’ll give you a sneak peak of it tomorrow hopefully…  We patched together the little space with an old bookcase that holds the burp cloths I edged with vintagey fabric, as well as IKEA tins full of the tiniest little shirts in size newborn just waiting for the Peach.  Oh and a little box full of the sweetest footies ever.

The top of my great Aunt Lil’s mirrored dresser is the perfect place for a changing table. And the co-sleeper was too big, so we are putting the wee one in a vintage pram from the 40s that can be wheeled from room to room.

It’s not big, my little Peach, but much love went into creating this welcoming place for you–so please come out–we are waiting for you. We’ve packed out bags and are ready to go.

We just need you to let us know when you are ready to go.

Wes Anderson and Quilting

Well, I’m still pregnant. So very very pregnant.

A friend on Facebook said, “it’s no use shaking the tree to get the fruit out–better to wait.”  However, I must admit I’d like to strangle that tree and have my little Peach fall into my welcoming arms.

But instead I build a nest for her. A quilt to catch her and wrap her in against this cold bright world. Perhaps that is what she is waiting for.

Since the move, the quilt has been skittled around from room to room,  pieced together from the vintage tablecloth I bought ages ago.  I never sat down and said, “today I will make the quilt”–it sort of just bloomed on its own.  And machine quilting isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes time and measurements and a bit of fiddling at times.

Mistakes were made (too fluffy of a batting traded out for an adhesive one.) And many stitches were taken out. Not for perfection–just to make sure the little quilt was getting the right guidance. I don’t think there is a straight line of stitching on it despite the blue markers made with a t-ruler, but I don’t think sthe baby will mind.

Here is the quilt.

It is not perfect but it was a joy to make.

I always think of that one line from Wes Anderson’s American Express video.  I know–bizarre, but inspiration can come from the most unusually places:

“There is beauty in the flaws and vice versa.”

Which is so true for quilting and for life. It’s the every day things that bring so much joy. So, I sit here trying not to be too impatient with  my little Peach and just enjoy this little bit of life as I finish this quilt early on a Saturday morning, listening to Ben Lee and Sean Lennon sing background to my whirring machine.

Patience. I will always wait for you, sweet baby.

A crafty babyshower!

I must say, I am one very very lucky lady.

Lucky to know so many other wonderful ladies, who decided to fete the little lady in my belly last Saturday in the most marvelous way.

Karen, Dana, and Claire knocked it out of the awesomeness park to create prolly one of the best parties I’ve ever had thrown for me or by me! Replete with these utterly gorgeous banners that Karen made. Are they not perfect? My love of gingham is known far and wide and these banners.  It wasn’t enough for Karen to just pick fabric to make them. Oh no, she had to HANDCUT a stamp of jack and a red ball and miraculously found a stamp of ick-rack (which is just about my favorite thing in the world) and create her own fabric for the banner. All in the colors we are planning to do for the baby’s room.  Karen, I bow to your crafty cleverness.

Fortunately, Karen said that she was planning on giving them to me, as I was already pregnant and couldn’t stuff them under my shirt while no one was looking to steal them for the nursery.

As if that weren’t enough, the wonderful young Dana made all of the guests these simply divine flower hairclips to wear and even made this wonderful poppy one for me.  Here I am in the middle of telling one of the presents they were too cute and naughty for their own good.  Oh and the presents! They are too cute to even be posted here–you might go blind from their radness!  My friends have spectacular taste, which will of course translate to beautiful taste for my little one.

And speaking of taste–check out this amazingly yummy cake Krista of Sugarcoat It Studios made. IT WAS SO GOOD! I had one friend who demanded that the cake be cut, so she could have a piece before she had to leave early.  And check out that crafty blanket stitching motif on the little ode to my first baby, Minnow.

Seriously, how did I end up with so many gorgeous, talented, amazing, thoughful, funny friends? I am so happy to bring my little Sugarsnap into this wonderful extended family of aunties so full of love.

Yup, I’m one lucky gal…

Pushing Prizes

I don’t know if anyone out there has come across the whole “pushing prize” concept, but as I veer closer and closer to the due date, I am hearing more and more stories about it.

Personally, I really don’t need a new ring, or some piece of jewelry featuring the Sugarsnap’s birth stone (which I *believe* is amethyst, and not my favorite jewel anyway), but then again I haven’t been through the childbirth experience and I think just gazing into my kiddo’s eyes will be more than enough. 

I have had my first childbirth/labor class, which was basically seven straight hours of discussing how much pain I’m going to be in. I watched a video of a woman’s contractions at seven centimeters and burst into tears. Holy shit. That didn’t look like fun.  The teacher made us do a practice contraction, where we had to hold ice in one hand for 90 seconds and I freaked out. Somewhere along the way, it didn’t really occur to me that I was going to have to go through more pain that I can actually comprehend.  It’s nice to know I’m built for this, but man, there are moments…

So perhaps a pushing prize might be in order. But let’s ditch the jewelry crap and get to what I truly want. Whenever I see the commercial, I lunge for the phone and must be talked off the telephone ledge to stop from buying. People, I bring you what I think would be the ultimate pushing prize:


I know I’m not alone in my ShamWOW obsession, right?  So many times when something spills I just say under my breathe, so Mr. Sweetie can’t hear, “man, this could have been handled in a second if I had a ShamWOW…”  It’s my cheap/green obsession that is egging me on, but they are perfect, right? Don’t they seem perfect for earthquake preparedness kits too?  And I would think babies and Shamwows are a match made in heaven. Surely it could be turned into a diaper if necessary even!

FYI, Mr. Sweetie–just in case you are reading…

Things That Have Made Me Cry–Holiday Edition

A few tears of thankfulness and good will are always expected during the holidays. And I think my lists are rather cathartic for me remembering how silly and hormonal I can be, but at the same time how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends and family around me.

But even the truly blessed pregnant women can fly off the handle into a world of hormone induced fury/crying fit. And of course the recent move has added a few real zingers to the list.

So, here’s the list of completely random things that have made me cry over the past couple of weeks:

  • Seeing Amy Poehler saying good bye on Saturday Night Live
  • Finding out that my presents that I sent to my family were sent to the wrong address
  • The incredible kindness of my two dearest friend, Lynne and Jen for coming over and helping me pack as well as my sister’s in law who has been so amazingly giving in her time and energy in helping paint and pack too. As a person who prides herself on being more of a “giver” than a “taker” it’s tough to take–even when you need it so badly. And my friends just shushed me and packed up my kitchen when after I needed a nap. I still can’t believe my luck. See, I am truly blessed.
  • The service light going on in my car
  • Not being able to go out because I need to PACK
  • Officially being told that “I’m HUGE–are you about to give birth TOMORROW????”
  • Mr. Sweetie just being so sweet–even though I am probably drive him up a wall sometimes…
  • Missing the snow on Cape Cod
  • Not being able to put on shoes without help
  • Being so overwhelmed by more than 100 boxes that need to be dealt with
  • Not cooking a real meal since Thanksgiving
  • Being so over acid reflux
  • Finding out that the dryer hookup is for electric which doesn’t necessarily jibe with our gas one

The Benefits of No Sleep–eBay

First off, did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? I forgot to take pictures of my beautiful Bacon Wrapped Turkey and Parker House Rolls with herb butter, but they were lovely. But more importantly, I have a lot to be thankful for and it’s wonderful to share this special day with family and friends.

But, back to my lovely random post here…

I don’t know if it’s the babyor just plain stress, or what, but I just haven’t been getting the sleep I need.

Usually around 2:00AM, I wake up and starting thinking and before I know it, it’s 3:00AM and I decide to get up instead of fretting in bed about how I can’t go to sleep.

Please note that this is why I’ve been posting more. All of a sudden I have a good four hours added to my day. Unfortunately, Mr. Sweetie is a light sleeper, so I can’t cook, run the sewing machine or watch TV, but instead just stay hidden in our little office trolling the Internet for stuff or researching things, etc.

This morning, I decided to look for a little vintage lamp for the baby’s room. I don’t know why, I just thought it would be nice to have a little bedside lamp for the kid. But a cheap one. After three different search around vintage children’s lamp, child lamp, children lamp, this gem pops up.

But take a closer gander as this vintage gem. It involves a little girl KNITTING.

And a cute little boy blue playing the guitar–just like Mr. Sweetie! But wait THERE’S MORE…

Your turn the little CAT (mildly similar in color to Minnow and the lamp plays a tune and the girl’s rocking chair moves. Finding this was totally worth going without four hours of sleep last night, since I found it just a half hour before the auction ended. Hurrah!

And the whole thing was cheaper than a small lamp purchased a IKEA.

I love being cheap.

I am going to paint the edge of the base red and possibly the main part of the lamp. So, yeah–that makes it OK to put under baby crafts, right?

Holy CRAP!

As I start heading into double digits until baby day, my mind turns to all things baby all the time (like at 4:00AM, which is when I’m writing this, since I don’t sleep anymore) and the little decisions you make about how you want* to raise your child.

First off, baby diapers. I am in a constant conundrum over the whole cloth v. plastic diaper shtick.  I know people who have raised babies using solely cloth, solely plastic and even a combo of the two and all of their kids are amazing and are all supermoms. I would never pass judgement on anyone’s decision because I’m finding out–SHOCKER–that there is more than one way to raise a child. Crazy, I know, but true.

But part of me is kinda digging the whole cloth thing. Perhaps it’s my retro love and all but, I must admit, it sounds so super cute.  And have you seen those super cute little diaper covers out there, like this one?  And of course it is supposedly better for the environment, even in drought areas.

While on the Tiny Tots diaper service Website which four of my friends had recommended to me, I saw how they broke down the cost of the diapers with the service–it came down to about 24 cents a diaper. Sweet! I’m totally cheap, so I’m down with that price. And  But then I saw their recommendations for a newborn. EIGHTY DIAPERS A WEEK!!!

Sweet Jesus.

When I read that number I nearly started to hyperventilate. I mean, I’ve heard that babies do nothing but poop, eat, and sleep, but 80 diapers? What the heck have I gotten myself into? I thought I’d change the kid like maybe three times a day. But 80 @#$#(* diapers a week? That just seems a bit insane to me.

So, I’m kinda hedging my bets a bit here.  Picking up a couple of boxes of Huggies newborn baby diapers here and there…. Possibly registering for a diaper genie.

We’ll see where I land.

*Please note that I said “want” instead of will.  Word on the street, babies have a habit of telling you what they want from the get go, so I’m just trying to with the flow, because as delightful as it would be to only serve her organic sugar free food for her entire life, I know I’m going to have to deal with a bitch slap of reality real soon.  I’m not saying chaos will rule, but I’m just trying to be realistic.  But it’s always nice to want. BTW, I really like Babble as we good kiddie Website and highly recommend it to all parents.

Things I cried About this week! (Note: all out of joy!)

Well, it’s been a good week. I hope everyone out in blogland enjoyed the last extra hours of fall before we hit Daylight Savings Time this Sunday. Here is a wee synopsis of my week. It’s been a really lovely one. Work eased up slightly and I even had time to make chicken soup with homemade broth for lunch this week. Very comforting as I round the corner of my second trimester.

So, here’s this list of some of the best bits of the week:

  • Eric put together our lovely vintage high chair. Isn’t it the cutest? It matches our kitchen table. Here it is with our favorite model, Raggedy Anne, who is also known as the OG baby since I’ve had Raggedy in my life since I was one year old.

  • A very very dear friend surprised us with the loveliest present–a vintage baby carriage in PRISTINE condition! It is perfect! Eric did some research on it and it turns out that the carriage is from the 1940s/50s and was made in London.

  • Getting an average of seven hours of sleep a night. Seriously, this is huge for me! Last week, I was sleeping an average of four hours a night and let’s just say, I wasn’t as charming as I normally am that week. In fact last Sunday, I broke into tears three times during the first two hours I was awake. In summation–Eric deserves an award for dealing with someone so crabby last week…
  • HSM3 with Eileen, Melinda and Jody! Yes, it did rip off every musical that has happened since West Side Story, but man, I loved every minute of it. Especially the angry dance and the dancing hobos. And yes, we were the only adults there that weren’t parents supervising their kids’ movie themed birthday party. And yes, we screamed louder than anyone else in the theater. Yeah!
  • Caramel apples! The perfect way to say goodbye to eating sugar for awhile! I’ve decided to give sugar the heave ho for awhile since way too many pregnant ladies I know have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. And besides, I should stay away from white flour products and sugar anyway.

Did everyone have a great Halloween? My sweetie was under the weather, but we saw some super cute costumes out there, such as a Satanic Mechanic, a pirate, a little baby owl, and about a half dozen V’s from “V is for Vendetta”.

Rock the Vote–I mean CHAIR!

Well, in less than six days a major decision must be made by every American of voting age. That was an easy decision for me, but deciding on a rocking chair has been driving me crazy!!!

So, rocking chair. Why it is driving me crazy, I have no idea. I think I’m being egged on by such droolworthy sites like this one and this insane one, but all of a sudden, all wedding coolness has been dropped for uber coolness of the next lifechanging accessory–a baby. Sigh.

And it’s just made worse by the overwhelming nesting vibe that has coursing through my veins over the past month. All of a sudden, our darling little Alameda arts & craft bungalow that my sweetie and I have been canoodling in happily for the past three years turned into Little Abner’s outhouse shack that will collapse into a pile of abestos filled plaster if anyone sneezes too hard. Seriously.

I assure you that I will post a full piece on the baby’s room, but right now, let me just focus on the rocker. I was determined to find a cool rocker. Heaven forbid I go out and get one of those perfectly comfortable, quiet–yet still kinda spendy gliders that have been so popular for the past five years–like this one:

Oh no, I wanted something cool like these two

Except both of those options are in the $500-900 realm. Yeah. Not soo much for me. Target had a super cute one, but alas–poof–it disappeared from the stores and its Website.

Now, I’m as green as the next girl–and my green vibe comes out a lot more in the form of buying used items instead of creating more stuff, although that stuff might be organic, etc. So, I really wanted to find a vintage rocking chair. But everything I found on Craig’s list was OK, but then I came across this beauty.

The lovely older couple who was selling it said that had been in their family for four generations, but now, none of their kids wanted it. From the moment I sat in it, I felt at ease–it fit me perfectly. So we snatched it up. Here is the picture of it right now. I’m going to have the cushions reupholstered in a gray microsuede that I bought at Fabric Depot.

But then, a smidge of buyer’s remorse hit me. It’s a pretty small chair and it fits me quite nicely now, but what happens when I continue to grow? Will this chair be nothing but a piece of modern art as I sit somewhere else nursing my child? Eek! And it has a low back. Will i need head support? I have no idea. Sometimes this whole preparing for baby thing is like packing for a vacation where you don’t know the destination or how long you’ll need to be there. Should I pack a tennis racket or a top hat? I have no idea…

So, wish me luck against buyer’s remorse and that my tush can fit into this rocker in six months…

Things I cried about this week

Ah pregnancy! What a fun emotional rollercoaster you are!

Things I cried about this week (and a couple from last):

  • After my friend told me that those organic baby carrots I buy from Trader Joe’s turn slightly whitish if they’ve been out to long due to the chlorine that they are dipped in.  So basically I’ve turned my uterus into a swimming pool. HOT!
  • Having my purse stolen! Yup! It really does suck. And there’s been a rash of it happening in SF right now.  But I must remember that as long as I’m OK, and the baby’s OK that everything’s OK.
  • The movie Waitress
  • Missing Eileen’s awesome performance at TOR
  • Missing my ability to poop! Damn pregnancy constipation!
  • Korto dedicated her collection to her daughter
  • Leanne winning Project Runway
  • Having my Microsoft Office lose all 1200 of my contacts and meetings. Uh–sorry I forgot that dentist appointment/lunch/deadline/your number. I don’t suck, but Microsoft really does!
  • My sweetie making my fresh orange juice at 6:00AM in the morning
  • My first Braxton Hicks contraction 
  • Signing up for this class
  • Ordering a new rug for the living room and seeing my sweetie had already moved all of the furniture and put it down
  • One word: work
  • My oldest niece turning 12–welcome to your tweens, Banks! Don’t turn into Miley Cyrus!
  • Getting this utterly gorgeous kit in the mail and thinking about how much fun it will be to make them! Thank you Alicia for your beautiful note and I don’t even want to open it–it’s so pretty and just full of dreams. Is there anything more glorious than an unopened kit waiting for crafty inspiration to happen
  • Nearly throwing my iPod alarm radio clock out the window at 2:00AM last night in a fit of apoplectic rage when I couldn’t get to sleep and the iPod wasn’t playing the sleep soundtrack I needed to help me fall back asleep
  • Renee’s beautiful card–oh that was a good weep! And the delicious book that came with it

Stay tuned for more fits of pregnancy hormones soon!

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