A lovely weekend

Before I got to this:

I finished the darling booties for L & L’s twin girlies. They started out knit in one piece like this…

After trimming an insane number of ends….

But the final product was this….

Aren’t they sweet? Perfect for twin baby girls. Twice the spice. Took about six hours for the whole project. Thank you Saartje for the booties pattern. I plan to make many more.

Aren’t they sweet?

Like they could just dance away!

Sunday was spent diving into the book and relishing every page turn. I have the world’s best husband who did some very necessary laundry and made the most divine dinner while I read. I’m so lucky!

For Quinton

My darling friend Dana’s best friend had to deliver her baby boy two months early last Friday.

So I made these for him.

Making these was mind bending. Seriously, I can’t even fully tell you how satisifying and delicious bootie knitting is. A dear little foot would fill this bootie. It’s so wee. And only took a half hour. And is so sweet. So full of hope.

Yes, just as much love goes into knitting the booties. I think more than the sweaters, if that is even possible.

I’m officially giving booties to babies. They are a joy to make.

Thank you Quinton for being the perfect recipient for my first pair. Wear them well and may you grow out of them very very soon.


It’s the boy’s turn–Baby Sweater for Boy–FO#4

So, I’m back from the wedding and it was lovely and Jody looked absolutely stunning in her dress. And I took not a single picture of the bride. Sigh! And after three days of travel for a two day wedding weekend, my body is absolutely shredded.

But during Jody’s moment of wedding bliss, my friend Sarah decides to finally pop out her little guy! So, to celebrate little Charlie’s arrival, I’ll show you the other baby sweater I cranked out in early May for him.


I used hooded cardigan from Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss in the navy and ivory Cashmerino aran. A nice simple sweater in nautical colors–fitting in with their sailboat inspired baby room.


And Baby Makes Three–FO #3–sweater for baby girl

Sigh! Everyone is having babies. And this was a record year for that–thirteen babies. So far the majority have been girls, which of course means frilly girlie sweaters like this one which should be heading over to my friend and work associate Jean in August.

I used some lovely yarn that was on sale and looked so soft and had the lighted hint of rose in the ivory. And it was a wool acrylic that made the sweater machine-washable–always a hit with the mommies! It turned out to have a weird stickiness when knitting it up, but turned out still very soft and wearable for Jean’s upcoming baby girl.

I did a very easy lace pattern of K1, K2tog, YO and did a folded picot edge all the way around. Here’s a nifty close-up.

And finished off with a pink velvet ribbon.  Could it be more girly?

FO Week continues–slouchy cardigan from Knit Cafe

So, here is the second post in Finished Object (FO) week that was kicked off Sunday with my father’s socks. In an effort to make up for my shameless slagging on  posting, I’m promising a few nifty pics of finished objects that have been languishing in my camera for awhile.

But here is the true rockstar of the week Well, there is quite a story here…

It started with the yarn–how many knitting stories start with the yarn, eh? In May of LAST YEAR, I was in L.A. on a business trip and was determined to check out the Knit Cafe in West Hollywood. My sweetie had just bought me the book for my birthday and I completely fell in love with the charming projects and the kick-ass author who shunned her high stress job to start a family and later, the knitting shop.

I met the author, Suzan Mischer, who by the way rocks and is an old-skool English knitter. The shop was everything I hoped it would be–cozy, great yarn, and best of all great people. Truly, love at first sight. And as with any great gushing love affair I tossed money around like a mad woman. I spent more on yarn than I did on my wedding dress in less than an hour of shopping. I had fallen madly for Babe yarn–it took my breath away and I wanted to use it to make the slouchy cardigan–in this gorgeous green. Oh, and let’s tip the edges with that adorable pink. Yeah! And with the twisted sister yarn recommended for the project not available yet, the yummy Babe yarn would be the perfect solution. Becuae I wanted to make this sweater BADLY.

Unfortunately there was a small hiccup in that fact that the finished product book measurements were much smaller than my measurements, so I felt the need to make some adjustments. But I did start to knit it. Oh yes….


See progress–I even got involved with the slouchy cardigan KAL. Yeah!

Wait, there’s more….

Aw, yeah–that’s the ticket!

But then it turned out to be too big–size wise and pain in the ass wise, so I bagged it and started knitting like a million baby sweaters for my rabbit-like friends. Look at it so sad, suffocating in a ziplop bag hanging out in my yarn stash.

But about a month ago, I got the urge again. And I took it out to see this:

Well, that won’t do–let’s get down to brass tacks. And after some intense frogging, we ended up with this:

And in no time I knit it up again, but this time join the sleeves to make it seamless and give it more of a slouchy appeal. And a rejigged the hood as well using all of my cleverness and did it like a turned sock heel, so I could have the tipped edge in pink.

Hereit is stretched out in all of its blocking goodness.

And here it is finished

I like the tipping and it is SOO soft. But the sides droop a bit too much for me. But it’s perfect to pull on over a nightgown on a Sunday morning. I would take a picture of me in it, but I just look so unkempt in my night gown.

A parting shot…


Stay tuned for another project tomorrow. Yeah!

Happy Father’s Day–first finished item

OK, to make up for the months of no posting, I’m going to post every day until I leave for the East Coast Thursday and feature a finished item to boot!  

Starting today with a salute to my father and the first pair of socks I knit him.

I feared I would never be able to knit socks for my father–what with his tragic wool allergy–but he swears these wool blend socks aren’t itchy at all and best of all he loves the fit. Pity his was living in Florida at the time….

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love you!


But here is a little taste of what’s coming up. Look at all of these gorgeous yarncakes for the tasting.



No camera, but photos nonetheless!

And of course the first photo I bring to you is this one:


Baby Maeve’s little sweater. Little Maeve’s parents both have dark have and this yummy plummy color will work with her coloring. I’m hoping to meet Miss Maeve in person soon.

And we can thank Mr. Sweetie for the pictures. I used a little ivory velvet ribbon to since it all together.

Oh, and this is a pattern I made myself. Top down raglan with a YO increase to make room for the ribbon and a hemmed picot edge. So easy and the finished product is so sweet.  

Two down–and eleven to go!

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