Minnow and Peach Update

The love affair continues.

The Peach loves Minnow. What can I say? She’s completely obsessed with the cat.

Minnow is Edward from Twilight rolled in cat fur to the Peach.  The Peach squeals like she just saw a Beatle, she is that obsessed. She is vice president of the Minnow fan club.  The Peach nearly faints when Minnow enters the room and looks around for the closest writing instrument to have Minnow write her name on her widdle tummy.  IT IS THAT SERIOUS, PEOPLE.

It would be the perfect relationship if only Miss P knew how to properly worship at the alter of Minnow. Instead of petting our cat, the Peach thinks it’s so much fun to try to pull Minnow’s fur off. I guess the Peach is trying to get a memento of Minnow to put under her pillow. But bless Minnow’s heart, she hasn’t try to swat at our little babe.  What a good little kitty I have!

Hmm, looking at that photo above makes me think that the love is pretty one sided at this point. And that my child has no wrist–just an indent in her baby chub. Hilarious.

The Forgotten Child

I have often blogged about my beloved, albeit cross-eyed kitty Minnow, who has been a most loyal pet for more than 10 years, sleeping on my pillow every night, extending a wee furry paw to say, “hey, I’m here and I love you, even if you haven’t shaved your legs in a week.”

Minnow in all of her benevolence even begrudgingly let my sweetie into our house and now even lets him feed her every night. Yes, yes–she has been known to hiss at any new person who comes in the house, but she’s almost always sweet and loving towards me.

I must admit I was a bit concerned about how Minnow would react to the Peach. We were told that we should have the cat not sleep with us and to break her of her pillow habit as soon as I became pregnant, but I felt I needed to give Minnow as much love as possible up to the day before the Peach came, knowing that the old cat was going to be thrown a loop when her favorite sleeping spot was taken.

I must admit that having a baby did cut into my cat cuddling time.

Here is poor Minnow, kicked out of her favorite chair by me and the baby, sulking near her toys. Doesn’t it break your heart?

Minnow tried to sneak back into the forbidden bedroom by wedging herself into my sock basket in my closet. This is what I found one morning, while looking for my favorite argyles. Which I did find, lbeit covered in cat hair.

But Minnow persevered and found her way near me, even when I was holding the baby. Exhibit A:

You see, Minnow and baby can co-exist. Minnow has even come up purring and sniffed her little head and even in her little cat brain, I think she knows how special the Peach is to me and has respect for her and me.

Whoops! Must run. Baby crying! More later.

The first day of a holiday

I can’t even believe that I’m officially on my holiday vacation.  And what do I do? You’d think it would be pack boxes, weed the garden, or line the shelves of my new little keep, eh?  But instead I think my eight-month pregnant and bone-tired body just said enough and forced me to watch Mrs. Miniver*, read a book and take a two hour nap! Very naughty, but probably very necessary.

After all, how on earth could I say no, when I have this sleeping partner warming up the pillow.

In fact I think it’s officially her pillow, what with the sweet kitties embroidered on the pillowcase. I wish I could say I did it myself, but alas no. It’s some vintage goodness I picked up off of Ebay for a song. But better appreciated now, than stored away in someone’s linen closet forgotten. I know they will be loved for many years to come by me, Minnow and the little one inside of me that is sure to become a cat lover in due time.

But is there anything more bittersweet than reading a particularly yummy and engrossing book and realizing that the wonderful thick part of unread pages ahead of you is waning by the hour, as you use the dust cover to save your place. And that’s happened to me twice so far with these books that I have been sailing through.

The first one of the Potato Peel Society book that has been getting a lot of buzz and the other one is the Tenth Muse by Judith Jones (given to me by my dear friend Renee, who I miss working with more than I can say).  I highly recommend both!  Very consuming books that help take one’s mind off of walls that need to be painted, boxes that need to be packed, and work to be done.

*BTW, I don’t know why Mrs. Miniver is considered a holiday classic. Any ideas out there why?

The Yellow Quilt Update

So I found matching colors for the yellow quilt. Thanks to eBay for the Henry Seed bird fabric, which I adore and saw it first on eveyone’s favorite dressaholic’s blog used by Erin for one of dresses. I also found the yellow polkadot fabric on eBay too. And lastly the charming green fabric which I bought at WhizBang Fabrics in SF.

Seen here with our favorite cat model and the quilt top I matched the fabrics to.

What is it about cats and quilt work? Minnow just can’t seem to leave a good quilt alone.

But with the move, I might have to put off making this wonderful quilt, so expect more on it in the new year.

And Now a Post About my Other Baby…My Furbaby…

Does anyone else cat love nothing more than to go out of her way and sit on the black sweater that you just spent 10 minutes de-cat-hairing?

And the cat can still look more annoyed and pissed off that you are?

Let’s just add this to the list of things I’ve cried about this week…

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