Hooking It Up!

Remember my love of organization! Well, I’m nowhere near having a black belt in clutter karate, but every now and then I feel the need to clobber one corner of chaos.

Here is the most recent area that needed fixing. My necklaces.

I am a person who needs to have my jewelry out because I forget about it otherwise. But it needs to be pretty at the same time. Here is what it looked like before, and it’s bad. people. I understand if you need to look away.

Scary, right? Like it looks like everything is just tangled together…because it is. I needed a solution STAT.

Well, STAT in my case was seven months. First, I bought the hooks from Urban Outfitters. And then I needed to stare at the boxes for a good three months before taking them out and trying to put on up directly on the wall only to make a hole the size of a quarter and get frustrated and wait another three months until my sweetie tried to put the hooks on a board, but he split the board. Then this project needed to sit again until my parents came out and three weeks past until my Dad was about to leave and I begged him to do this one project, which took him half a day to do after a couple of the hook backs broke.

Phew! I need a drink just thinking about that!

But I love the finished product.

I covered the board some Japanese decorated paper I bought from Paper Source instead of painting it. I like the final outcome quite well. It was worth the wait.


This Week in Pants

I adore my day care provider.

Not only because she takes beautiful care of my Peach. But because she’s a seamstress.  A true kindred spirit.

In one afternoon, she:

  • Serviced my machine
  • Showed me the right bobbin to use for my machine
  • Found me the right size needle for my machine
  • Pretty much taught me how to sew on my sewing machine
  • Helped match fabrics
  • And helped me sew five button-cute pairs of pants for the Peach! FIVE PAIRS, PEOPLE!!! Nice cozy flannel lined pants that fit properly over the Peach’s cloth swaddled little bottom perfectly and match all of her little tops to boot.

I will post pictures of the Peach in some of her dandier outfits tomorrow!

You can get these dandy pants too–she made the pattern herself and it’s so easy–trust me! We zipped these out so quickly–I think each pair took less than 20 minutes to make. Tops!

Bibbity Bobbity Boo!

I am all about using up leftovers.

Like this great red and white polkadot oil cloth I bought to cover the top of the Peach’s changing table/dresser.

I had a long fat quarter that was perfect for baby bibs!

Thanks to my serger and 10 minutes of time, I am now the owner of four matching red and white polka dot bibs that you can easily wipe off the butternut squash/peas combo of baby food doom that don’t make it into her widdle mouth!

Please, may I have some more?

Finally, The Sweater Has an Owner

I made this sweater in 1997. For some baby. I can’t even remember. But I fell in love with this little cardigan. It’s from Kim Hargreaves Tadpoles & Tiddler book. It was my first attempt with intarsia and such a complicated smocking pattern.

But when I finished this sweater I did something that I thought was just a wee bit crazy. I kept it. For my baby. My unborn baby girl that I knew I was going to have one day.  That’s who the sweater really belonged to and I knew it would have an owner one day.

I continued to date for the next six years. And then I found The One. And then I became pregnant. With a girl. My girl.

It was worth the wait.

This little cardigan reminds me how lucky I am every time she puts it on.

It is not the best made sweater, but it is the dearest sweater I’ve ever made.

And it suits the Peach to a T.

Craftiness to the Rescue!

As a new mother, I spend a good chunk of time nursing the Peach in bed. And being a new mother, I live in blood curdling constant fear that my child is going to roll right off the bed and onto the hard wooden floor almost three feet away!

Here is a re-enactment with Raggedy Anne pretending to be the Peach on the edge of the bed! So scary, right?

I’m too crafty for that anxiety! So a half hour later with some foam, nice fabric and foam core board, I give you this:

I have never been prouder of my craftiness! OK, I will go back and make the fabric a touch tighter, but I am too busy to do it right now and felt the need for it to be greater than my need for perfection.  This is more for the remedial Slap Dash School of Craftiness.

Anyway, I call it “the paranoid mother board”. The Peach seems to like it too!

Pure genius!

Nursery Update–A Little Corner

As promised, a minor nursery update. The picture isn’t the best, so I promise to post a better one later.

When you move houses, you see the furniture you have in a different way.

For example–my great aunt Lil’s cedar chest. I’ve used it as a coffee table for the past six years or so and it’s served me well in that role. But I hated when it started getting some nasty water stains from one too many forgotten cocktail, so I knew it was time for a reinvention or sort.

The cedar chest has gone back to its roots in the nursery as bench/extra storage. I sort of slapdashed the cushion using our old double bed foam cover (the fourth “R” of recycling mantra–reinvent!)  and covered it with some nice blue mattress ticking, which I think fits into the old school charm of the room.  I also added pillows that match the quilt and crib-skirt, but that’s it for that fabric in the nursery. One more piece and I would have been one step away from Sister Parish!

Once again, knowing that I have very limited storage and that babies just seem to sprout stuff, I tried to find storage solutions in every corner. Like this hook for favorite sweaters and this positively ancient red book bag with an elephant on it that I believe I found at a boot sale in London more than 15 years ago.  It is the perfect place to put papers or things out of baby’s reach.

Oh and the curtains are an old tablecloth I pulled out of my vintage linen collection.

And can you see the banner? The wonderful banner that Karen M. made for my baby shower? I was determined to use it and I finally put it up. I is the icing on the cake of the room for me. I think it adds a nice dash of charm. Yes?

I don’ t know if the corner is officially finished or not. I was going to put up these simply darling colorful kiddie records on the wall.  Thoughts? I would absolutely love your feedback, so please leave a note and I’ll post new pix if anything changes.

Next up, another corner soon, I promise. Slowly, but surely, I’m making progress!

At last–the crib skirt

Finally, here is the crib skirt I made for the Peach’s nursery out of a vintage table cloth.

It’s the same fabric style as the quilt I made before the baby was born for the nursery.

I like the look of it with the gingham edging–sweetly old fashion, but not too cloyingly girl nursery, I think.

I bought the crib bumpers from IKEA about nine months ago or so. However, I did have to take off all of the ties and add extras to have it properly fit my Jenny Lind crib.

And you can see touches of other items in the nursery. One of the drawbacks of this room is the complete lack of closet space. The original closet was turned into a stairwell to the knotty pine converted attic/craftroom/office.  Ever the Clever Clogs, I turned an old “office in a box” piece into a wardrobe and added more storage with a set of red vintage luggage.

And an old Raggedy of mine watches the Peach sleep.

More nursery updates throughout the month as I try to finish it before I head back to work.

Happy June, everyone!

It’s not Hammer Time

I love my child. And I love the fact that she can make anything look super cute.

Except these pants.

As the weather has been coolish and rainy for a good chunk of March and April and probably May, I feel the need to put pants on the Peach.  And my sweetie was kind enough to run into the frighteningly overwhelming BabiesRUs to pick up some pants for the baby. And returned with these baby-size MC Hammer pants.

You can see in this photo the tightness and long cuff of the green pair of pants here, and pointed out by Jen.

See how similar they are to the MC Hammer pants? Except for the gold lame.

Of course these do not match the cuteness of my baby. Surely, my baby deserves better?

Enter my obscene love of making my own bias tape. Like this darling yellow and spring green dot ones that I put on the bottom of the Peach’s pants:

Ahh… Much better!

Week 6 with the Peach and Bathrooming it!

Well, the Peach and I are still rocking it! Here she is with her snappy bff, Raggedy!

I must admit, the Peach has been cutting into my crafty time, since my hands are being well spent holding her, I can share with you one project I did finish before Feb. 26.

Exhibit A: our main bathroom.

(And you thought most of the transformation work would be in the nursery. HA!)

Anyway, it’s amazing what can be done with paint and fabric to transform a room!

When we moved in, the bathroom was perfectly acceptable painted in Benjamin Moore Linen White that has hidden a multitude of sins for millions of rented apartment/newly sold homes. It’s a pretty plain bathroom originally with no storage, no towel bars, no shower curtain rod, no window coverings. We knew we could add a little pizazz to this room.

Enter the following:

  • a new color palatte that would wake me out of my morning daze–blue, orange, brown
  • Some fun hip fabric that incorporated two of the three colors–like this funky mod bird motif fabric from Joel Dewberry, which I used to sprinkle my craft magic on to form the shape of a jaunty spruced up shower curtain and a matching curtain edged with orange bias tape.

  • Vintage mid century teacups for storage bought off of eBay for $0.99 for the bunch and some nice orange prints bought off of Etsy

  • IKEA medicine cabinets to make more room for our stuff
  • Some relatively inexpensive towel bars and hooks from BB&B
  • A small selection of the orange push button toys from my push-button toy collection peeking over the top of the medicine cabinets

Voila! New bathroom in record time and pretty cheap to boot–about $450 or so. The majority of that went to the IKEA medicine cabinets, but storage can be spendy at times. Sigh!

Now that I’m rocking the moby wrap, the Peach just snuggles in and passes out, so I can type while she’s on me sleeping. Hopefully that will mean more postings. Wish me luck!

The First Week

It’s been a week since we brought our little Peach home from the hospital and what fun she’s been. That is if your idea of fun consists of changing diapers and not sleeping. And spending hours just looking at your newborn daughter in awe/shock.  Here she is blissfully snoozing in her rolling vintage 1940s pram that we are using as a bassinet, swaddled in her favorite blanket, snuggled up next to our bed.

We spent the first day home cooing over our little daughter patting ourselves on the back for being so lucky to have a baby that slept six hours straight on her first day home. Only to find out the next day from our pediatrician that we were letting her dehydrate by not waking her up for feedings. So we were sent to breastfeeding bootcamp and entered the world of sleepless nights and crying babies.

But it did give me a chance to use and show off to you some small craft projects I worked on but never posted. The re-covering of my Boppy and my “Brest Friend” pillow that I bought used for $5 each.  Here they are!

And pregnant ladies out there–the my Brest Friend pillow really is amazing for breastfeeding.  Three of my new mom friends agree with me–it made all the difference in helping them get their breastfeeding acts together.  I had the fabric in my stash, but I was somewhat lazy and just re-did the top of my Brest Friend pillow and left the rest the demin. Whatever, it still rules!

And the boppy is good for holding the baby if nothing else.   You can see the heinous cover that was originally on the Boppy. Ick!

Next post is going to rule. I promise!

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