Peach Art

I have a couple of pieces I’ve wanted to put in the Peach’s room for awhile.

But I needed to figure out how they would look first, since these plaster walls don’t like nails too much.

What do you think of this positioning with paper? I hijacked the idea from that fiendishly clever Martha Stewart.

Can’t wait to show you the art. It’s a little bit of everything–vintage paint by numbers art I nicked off of eBay for a steal, some old embroidery I had lying around as well as some sheet music I used at my wedding and other fun stuff. Just you wait!

Remember our beloved mobile? Well, you can see it has been moved until we find a way to make it too high for a certain young Peach to reach up, grab it and manhandle the heck out of it.  What a naughty Peach!

Mobile Madness

I have been most remiss in our nursery updates which keep plugging along.


One recent addition is this marvelous mobile. The story behind it is sort of as a twisted ebay version of O. Henry’s Gift of the Magi.  Basically, Eric and I kept driving the price up as each of us bid unbeknownst to the other to a shockingly shamefully high price.

I guess that really has nothing to do with the Gift of Magi, but  speaking of the Gift of the Magi, does anyone remember the late 1970s television movie starring a young Marie Osmond based on the story called “The Gift of Love”?


I was OBSESSED with it!

Anyway, back to the mobile.  Who doesn’t love little painted figures from nursery rhymes?  And it has a very sweet albeit tinny tune that is played rather lopsidedly from the top that I think adds to its charm.

And we do love it so.  We’ve been Irmi fans for awhile–in fact that lovely lamp I bought for the baby’s room when I was pregnant is Irmi.

I think the Peach digs it. Don’t you?

I heart bargello!

With our new little keep to let out far too many years of decor desire, I’ve been spending way too much time on the obscenely addictive Apartment Therapy site. My dream is to get the nursery on the site’s kiddie decor page, Ohdeeoh one day… If I ever finish it…

Although I will carry my love of all things thirties/forties to the grave, AT (as the Apartment Therapy is called by its fans)  has made me more and more of a fan of MCM/60s/70s style  that you see featured so very often on the site.  However,  I’ll never be as organized and pared back to essentials as the homes normally featured on the site. I must admit a large part of me loves a good cluttered shelf full of memories and telling books.  But get me on the set of Mad Men and I will try to steal every piece of furniture that isn’t nailed down.

Then I fell in love with this glorious interior I saw on AT.  It’s Kim Johnson‘s most delicious house in Ottowa.  But what really caught my eye was the sofa crammed full of bargello pillows.  I always think of those wonderfully cozy pillows as kinda seventies Connecticut.

The Bargello pillow has become the touchstone for one of my new style loves which I call “Ice Storm Chic”.  I think now that I’m a mother and soon to be purveyor of someone else’s childhood, I keep wanting to bring in the familiar parts of my own childhood.  Another term for this style could be “Seventies Prep”. A little Sofia Coppola, a touch of Wes Anderson.  I’m sure I saw a bargello pillow tucked into a room in the Tannenbaums‘ pink mansion.  You get my drift, right?

Anyway, it makes me want to bust out a few of these bargello needlepoint pillows, which would be good for my arms and hands instead of the more RSI tough sports of knitting and crochet.

So, hopefully later this month, you’ll see the beginnings of a bargello pillow.

Oh and I will write more about my seventies prep passion and how it is about to influence my fashion too…

Week 6 with the Peach and Bathrooming it!

Well, the Peach and I are still rocking it! Here she is with her snappy bff, Raggedy!

I must admit, the Peach has been cutting into my crafty time, since my hands are being well spent holding her, I can share with you one project I did finish before Feb. 26.

Exhibit A: our main bathroom.

(And you thought most of the transformation work would be in the nursery. HA!)

Anyway, it’s amazing what can be done with paint and fabric to transform a room!

When we moved in, the bathroom was perfectly acceptable painted in Benjamin Moore Linen White that has hidden a multitude of sins for millions of rented apartment/newly sold homes. It’s a pretty plain bathroom originally with no storage, no towel bars, no shower curtain rod, no window coverings. We knew we could add a little pizazz to this room.

Enter the following:

  • a new color palatte that would wake me out of my morning daze–blue, orange, brown
  • Some fun hip fabric that incorporated two of the three colors–like this funky mod bird motif fabric from Joel Dewberry, which I used to sprinkle my craft magic on to form the shape of a jaunty spruced up shower curtain and a matching curtain edged with orange bias tape.

  • Vintage mid century teacups for storage bought off of eBay for $0.99 for the bunch and some nice orange prints bought off of Etsy

  • IKEA medicine cabinets to make more room for our stuff
  • Some relatively inexpensive towel bars and hooks from BB&B
  • A small selection of the orange push button toys from my push-button toy collection peeking over the top of the medicine cabinets

Voila! New bathroom in record time and pretty cheap to boot–about $450 or so. The majority of that went to the IKEA medicine cabinets, but storage can be spendy at times. Sigh!

Now that I’m rocking the moby wrap, the Peach just snuggles in and passes out, so I can type while she’s on me sleeping. Hopefully that will mean more postings. Wish me luck!

Nursery Updates–from MadMen Wallpaper to Cath Kitson Blue

Did I ever mention the wallpaper in the nursery?

When we bought the house, we knew the exact room we wanted to use for the nursery. Although at first look, it didn’t ooze baby charm. It oozed 70s paneling with a touch of “Bonanza” in the light fixtures. Which Mr. Sweetie ripped off the walls the day we got the keys.

Only to reveal a buried treasure of wallpaper–five plus layers of vintage wallpaper that needed to be pried off the wall.

Some of the wallpapers were charming–like this “I love Lucy–the Westport years” colonial wallpaper–you can see the clipper ship peeking through the stripes and evil clown wallpapers around it.

Does anyone else get the “ILL” reference? I think I watched WAY too much “I Love Lucy” growing up and clearly it had a very sticky influence for me pregnancy clothes and design wise.  Does anyone else remember the ballet prints she had in her bedroom? Or the vintage spinning wheel she wanted for her Westport house?  Since I grew up in Westport, CT, I’m sure this might have had to do something with loving that look.

Anyway, here ismy Sweetie teaching that wallpaper a lesson–8 by 11 inches of steam at a time.

But the real winner is this overwhelming brown plaid:

I thought I’d seen somewhere before–oh yeah, the Drapers’ kitchen from MadMen.  Gotta love that.  Hey, and her kitchen curtains are looking mighty familiar…  Oh good Lord…

Weeks of after-work hours, and quite a bit of additional time from the rents, we finally managed to get the wallpaper off. And then came the tiring tasks of washing the walls, spackling the walls, sanding the walls, and washing the walls again before we finally painted them.

A last minute decision was made for blue walls. Which I can’t lie–are inspired by my new fancy for red and light blue/aqua, brought on I’m sure by too much time staring at Cath Kitson’s addictive books and one too many return visit to charming blogs like Alicia’s or Miss Vintage Pleasure.

More nursery updates to come! But hopefully a baby update to come before that.

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