Modern Peacho

The Peach has added so much to my life.

She is my morning smile. She is my giggle. She is my sweet dream.

And she is my inspiration on a new site I started with my darling friend Miss Alex of Strawberry Lemonade. It’s called Modern Kiddo and  will feature fun, cute kid’s clothing with a healthy dose of well-designed kids toys and room decor thrown in for good measure.

If you have a little one or know a little one, drop on by. Don’t forget to bookmark us and please, spread the word!

This Week in Pants

I adore my day care provider.

Not only because she takes beautiful care of my Peach. But because she’s a seamstress.  A true kindred spirit.

In one afternoon, she:

  • Serviced my machine
  • Showed me the right bobbin to use for my machine
  • Found me the right size needle for my machine
  • Pretty much taught me how to sew on my sewing machine
  • Helped match fabrics
  • And helped me sew five button-cute pairs of pants for the Peach! FIVE PAIRS, PEOPLE!!! Nice cozy flannel lined pants that fit properly over the Peach’s cloth swaddled little bottom perfectly and match all of her little tops to boot.

I will post pictures of the Peach in some of her dandier outfits tomorrow!

You can get these dandy pants too–she made the pattern herself and it’s so easy–trust me! We zipped these out so quickly–I think each pair took less than 20 minutes to make. Tops!

Peach Art

I have a couple of pieces I’ve wanted to put in the Peach’s room for awhile.

But I needed to figure out how they would look first, since these plaster walls don’t like nails too much.

What do you think of this positioning with paper? I hijacked the idea from that fiendishly clever Martha Stewart.

Can’t wait to show you the art. It’s a little bit of everything–vintage paint by numbers art I nicked off of eBay for a steal, some old embroidery I had lying around as well as some sheet music I used at my wedding and other fun stuff. Just you wait!

Remember our beloved mobile? Well, you can see it has been moved until we find a way to make it too high for a certain young Peach to reach up, grab it and manhandle the heck out of it.  What a naughty Peach!

Baby needs a hat

Unfortunately, the Peach is down with a high fever right now, but so forgive me if posting is light for the rest of the week between my sick baby and Thanksgiving.

I think I need to do some knitting to get my mind off of my sick little Peach.

I’ve been most remiss in my baby knitting. I’ve made her a hat or two out of scrap yarn and re-purposed other sweaters for her.

But when the Peach’s daycare provider said she needed a hat for her afternoon strolls, I knew the knitting needles were going to have to come out.

Afterall, it is Fall and it wouldn’t be Autumn without a bit of knitting. My arms can handle a bit of knitting.

And something special to keep her little head warm.

Like this utterly gorgeous silk from Debbie Bliss matched with this sweet vintage style pattern for a stella pixie hat.

The colors I think will match her new little magenta fleece nicely, don’t you think?

Playing the Slots

Over the past month, the Peach has become quite the explorer.  She actually explored herself right off our big tall bed one morning while I turned my back.

It was AWFUL.

In fact it was so awful that my little brain couldn’t take the image of her falling off the bed and instead whenever I remember that wretched moment, I see a  baby doll with molded plastic hair fall off the bed in the Peach’s place.

What a thoughtful brain I have!

But I loved our morning rituals of playing with the baby as I get ready in the morning before work. So, Mr. Sweetie brought this toy we just started using into the bedroom.

A lot of my friends have raved about the Baby Einstein playcenter, I must add my kudos to it as well.  And all of my friends have nicknamed this whirling dervish of baby fun.

One friend called it Mission Control. Very futuristic! Another friend called it “putting the baby in the office” which I loved too. But I call it the casino. What with all of its bells and lights and a very similar spinning toy that reminds me a slot machine that took $20 of my money, how could I not think of Vegas?

The Peach loves it. So, while I’m in the midst of my daily ablutions, Miss Peach is honing her skills at the baby blackjack table and I give a big sigh of relief knowing she’s safe and happy.

Minnow and Peach Update

The love affair continues.

The Peach loves Minnow. What can I say? She’s completely obsessed with the cat.

Minnow is Edward from Twilight rolled in cat fur to the Peach.  The Peach squeals like she just saw a Beatle, she is that obsessed. She is vice president of the Minnow fan club.  The Peach nearly faints when Minnow enters the room and looks around for the closest writing instrument to have Minnow write her name on her widdle tummy.  IT IS THAT SERIOUS, PEOPLE.

It would be the perfect relationship if only Miss P knew how to properly worship at the alter of Minnow. Instead of petting our cat, the Peach thinks it’s so much fun to try to pull Minnow’s fur off. I guess the Peach is trying to get a memento of Minnow to put under her pillow. But bless Minnow’s heart, she hasn’t try to swat at our little babe.  What a good little kitty I have!

Hmm, looking at that photo above makes me think that the love is pretty one sided at this point. And that my child has no wrist–just an indent in her baby chub. Hilarious.

Jumping Into Jumpers

I do love a good jumper.

That and a nice onesie and some baby leggings is all a little lady needs to look well dressed in my opinion.

I have these wonderful grandiose plans to make a few for the Peach before the end of the new year out of these fun fine-waled corduroy fabrics.

There are some very cute patterns out there, but my wonderful day care provider is actually also an uber seamstress and pattern maker! And she offered to turn my favorite little rooster jumper into a pattern.

She also gave me this very clever pinafore she made that crosses in the back which is too cute for words. I might have to try that pattern too!

Pears for the Peach

I made a bit of a reference in my last post, but,  the Peach has been eying my dinner for awhile and I think she’s ready to broaden her palette past cereal.

So Mama went to the Berkeley Farmer’s Market and picked up some nice ripe organic goodies for the Peach. No peaches tho’–would that be cannibalism? (Haha! I’m such the comedian…)  But I did find some great zucchinis and pears that I steamed and pureed into future meals.

I don’t know why, but I’m amazed at how easy it is to make baby food from scratch. And delighted as I wasn’t too jazzed on feeding the Peach jarred baby food.  Have you ever tasted jarred baby food? I did when I was drunk off of too many mimosas at a baby shower ten years ago and nearly threw up. The memory of that taste still turns my tongue!  I’m sure they’ve improved through the years.* but I tasted all of the Peach’s soon to be food and was very delighted with the taste. Particularly the pear.

For some reason, I was sure that it was going to be hard and I’ve have to follow very specific recipes. Boy, was I wrong.  This book was sort of like my training wheels for making baby food.    There is also this great site called Babyfood 101 that my darling friend Suzy hipped me too. And my darling daycare provider introduced me to this great site,

The other great thing is that you can make larger batches and freeze the rest, so a Sunday morning spent cooking can take care of a couple of weeks of food. Nice!

*Oh, and for anyone that is into jarred baby food, there is this great review of them on CHOW. Check it out!

Bibbity Bobbity Boo!

I am all about using up leftovers.

Like this great red and white polkadot oil cloth I bought to cover the top of the Peach’s changing table/dresser.

I had a long fat quarter that was perfect for baby bibs!

Thanks to my serger and 10 minutes of time, I am now the owner of four matching red and white polka dot bibs that you can easily wipe off the butternut squash/peas combo of baby food doom that don’t make it into her widdle mouth!

Please, may I have some more?

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