Hooking It Up!

Remember my love of organization! Well, I’m nowhere near having a black belt in clutter karate, but every now and then I feel the need to clobber one corner of chaos.

Here is the most recent area that needed fixing. My necklaces.

I am a person who needs to have my jewelry out because I forget about it otherwise. But it needs to be pretty at the same time. Here is what it looked like before, and it’s bad. people. I understand if you need to look away.

Scary, right? Like it looks like everything is just tangled together…because it is. I needed a solution STAT.

Well, STAT in my case was seven months. First, I bought the hooks from Urban Outfitters. And then I needed to stare at the boxes for a good three months before taking them out and trying to put on up directly on the wall only to make a hole the size of a quarter and get frustrated and wait another three months until my sweetie tried to put the hooks on a board, but he split the board. Then this project needed to sit again until my parents came out and three weeks past until my Dad was about to leave and I begged him to do this one project, which took him half a day to do after a couple of the hook backs broke.

Phew! I need a drink just thinking about that!

But I love the finished product.

I covered the board some Japanese decorated paper I bought from Paper Source instead of painting it. I like the final outcome quite well. It was worth the wait.


Week 6 with the Peach and Bathrooming it!

Well, the Peach and I are still rocking it! Here she is with her snappy bff, Raggedy!

I must admit, the Peach has been cutting into my crafty time, since my hands are being well spent holding her, I can share with you one project I did finish before Feb. 26.

Exhibit A: our main bathroom.

(And you thought most of the transformation work would be in the nursery. HA!)

Anyway, it’s amazing what can be done with paint and fabric to transform a room!

When we moved in, the bathroom was perfectly acceptable painted in Benjamin Moore Linen White that has hidden a multitude of sins for millions of rented apartment/newly sold homes. It’s a pretty plain bathroom originally with no storage, no towel bars, no shower curtain rod, no window coverings. We knew we could add a little pizazz to this room.

Enter the following:

  • a new color palatte that would wake me out of my morning daze–blue, orange, brown
  • Some fun hip fabric that incorporated two of the three colors–like this funky mod bird motif fabric from Joel Dewberry, which I used to sprinkle my craft magic on to form the shape of a jaunty spruced up shower curtain and a matching curtain edged with orange bias tape.

  • Vintage mid century teacups for storage bought off of eBay for $0.99 for the bunch and some nice orange prints bought off of Etsy

  • IKEA medicine cabinets to make more room for our stuff
  • Some relatively inexpensive towel bars and hooks from BB&B
  • A small selection of the orange push button toys from my push-button toy collection peeking over the top of the medicine cabinets

Voila! New bathroom in record time and pretty cheap to boot–about $450 or so. The majority of that went to the IKEA medicine cabinets, but storage can be spendy at times. Sigh!

Now that I’m rocking the moby wrap, the Peach just snuggles in and passes out, so I can type while she’s on me sleeping. Hopefully that will mean more postings. Wish me luck!

Knitting and a wee nook for the baby

Just short of offering this kid a pony, I’m doing things to coax our little Peach out.  The first was the quilt and now this–some knitting fun and a place for her.

I have been too anxious to even think about casting on something that I won’t have time to finish before the baby comes, and too pregnancy-brained to follow an actual pattern, so knitting projects have had to be pulled back to the most basic ones. But basic doesn’t mean not full of charm or perfect for the baby.

I somehow managed to finish this sweet little set of booties with a matching hat made from yarn I already had around–nicely modeled by Raggedy Anne.

Raggedy is also testing the little nook we carved out for the baby in our bedroom room, since the nursery is not ready yet. I’ll give you a sneak peak of it tomorrow hopefully…  We patched together the little space with an old bookcase that holds the burp cloths I edged with vintagey fabric, as well as IKEA tins full of the tiniest little shirts in size newborn just waiting for the Peach.  Oh and a little box full of the sweetest footies ever.

The top of my great Aunt Lil’s mirrored dresser is the perfect place for a changing table. And the co-sleeper was too big, so we are putting the wee one in a vintage pram from the 40s that can be wheeled from room to room.

It’s not big, my little Peach, but much love went into creating this welcoming place for you–so please come out–we are waiting for you. We’ve packed out bags and are ready to go.

We just need you to let us know when you are ready to go.

Useful and Beautiful and yes, still pregnant…

Unfortunately, due to technical compooter difficulties, I haven’t been able to post for the past week, which has indeed been a bummer, so I expect a few posts over the next few days until I deliver.

Which by the way has not happened yet. My due date came and went with nary a proper labor contraction. The day did include a couple of good errands like a run to IKEA for last minute nesting, a dead car battery, a missed OBGYN appt., and tons of traffic.  Hmm… I wonder if I make the baby her quilt, if she’ll come out… Stay tuned for more posts on that…

Oh and I’m huge–as I wrote some friends earlier this week you can see and the wall of China from space.

Anyway, back to my original post I was writing and wanted to post Monday.

Ever since I my cousin, Cheryl unwrapped her Barbie Dream House* that fateful Christmas morning all those years ago, I’ve dreamed about the way I would decorate it.* And now that I’m in a house I plan on being in for hopefully a long time I want to make the right decisions.

I can’t remember the name of the designer who said  to only bring things into your house that are useful and/or beautiful, but it is something I am now cleaving to, which means waiting on items until you find just the right thing that suits your fancy to a T. Like this:

I don’t know why, but I love Love LOVE these dear curtains I made from a vintage tablecloth bought off of Ebay last year thinking they would be nice somewhere in my old kitchen. Kinda kitschy, but full of that late 50’s charm that I find so dear. And they match the older yellow counter-tops we inherited with the house along with our vintage red kitchen table we’ve had for awhile.  Here is a close up of the pattern:

The valance I made–well, I’m still under debate on that. It looks a bit heavy, so I might have to pull that back a bit. We’ll see.

But the curtains make me smile. Isn’t that was your house is suppose to make you do?

So, while I still have rooms that look like this:

I can just turn my head to the kitchen curtains and smile.

*I know. I didn’t get the dream house–instead my parents thought I would enjoy the barbie mobile home/camper, which to this day I still find confusing as I’m not much of a camper or motorist, but hilarious nonetheless.

House Update

Sorry the posts dried up in January. Between work, the move and the pregnancy, I’ve been pretty much tuckered out, but now that I’m officially on maternity leave and my parents are snugly tucked into the back room to help get the house ready before the little ticking time-bomb in my belly goes off, I’m now able to unleash the nesting hormone to its full effect.

I must admit, it’s pretty tough moving into a new house when you are in your 39th week of pregnancy. But not for the reasons you’d think. It’s because you are looking down the barrel of a craft/nesting explosion of awesomeness and you:

  1. Can’t lift anything heavier than 15 lbs
  2. Can’t get on a step stool to put up anything like curtains, shelves, etc.
  3. Can’t paint anything

And of course I want to do all three things on an hourly basis. All that compounded with feeling utterly exhausted from a full day of work when I get home hasn’t helped much either.  So poor Mr. Sweetie has to do the work of two people. And of course a few of my uber dandy friends  (I’m looking start at the Pharphys and GIN/LIN combo as well as the sister and the beloved rents) have been super helpful in making a huge dent in all of the work. Words cannot express how thankful I am for their help.

And the house is showing improvements little by little, day by day.

So expect several posts laden with pictures over the next week as I try to cram in as many house projects we before this little lady decides to flee the coop.  Speaking of the bump,  here’s a rather awful picture of me, but a great one of the Peach.  And I’m bigger now!

Our Keep

I first heard the term “keep” to describe someone’s home about 10 years ago. It was during an NPR radio segment about homes in Russia to describe the cozy feeling that one’s home can get through years of love and life. Then, I realized I heard it many times before in one of my favorite songs of the 80s by ska band extraordinaire, Madness…

“Our house–it’s our castle and our keep..”

And the term “our keep” came to mind, when we first saw this house. It is our keep.

Our wonderful new keep–cozy, yet roomy and bright with a big holly tree out back to hang a hammock from. A lemon tree to make lemon sorbet year round. A big garage for Pinkie our 1957 pink station wagon to snuggle into at night. The brightest kitchen with the original metal cabinets to house my vintage kitchen goods. And a room that is begging to be our nursery. Perfect for our little Peach.

We have the keys in our pocket. A month from our first viewing.

And two months before the baby comes… I can pack up a house and unpack a house during my third trimester, right? During the holidays? During one of the busiest times for my company. Right?  Wish me luck!

Mojito anyone?

You see, I do do things other than knit!

Like plant herbs and dwarf citrus trees.

The dream is that next summer, I’ll just mosey outside to pick some fresh limes of my tree and a handful of mint to make some mojitos any time I want.

Let’s hope my green thumb remembers to water these babies every Sunday to keep my mojito fueled dream alive!

Oh, but look at my herb garden  and tomatoes below.


And the best part is that Eric put together our spanking new bench. A very cheap purchase for next week’s housewarming party.  Hoorah!

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