Everyday a Little Craft

The Renegade Craft Fair did something to me. It reminded me how much I absolutely adore all things crafty. And how crafts can be taken in so many wonderful, exciting, delicious ways.  And how good I feel when I do it–anything that could be considered a craft.  It is not even about making the most perfect item, it’s just the process of doing it that fills something in me–scratches that itch to create.

But sometimes I get overwhelmed by my crafty inspirations.

All of the dresses and skirts to be made, the sweaters and socks to knit, darling embroidery ideas that are popping into my head, and all of the things for the baby.  It can weigh me down instead of lift me up. And that’s not good. I need to recapture a bit of the passion I have for all of my crafts into actually doing them.

And it’s tough.  I have so many titles that must be tended.  Mother. Wife. Friend. Working Woman.  These I am finding can split me up, divide me, cut me down to the point where at the end of the day I droop into bed shredded, torn, exhausted.

Then, it occured to me that I need to sew myself together. I need to find the thread to weave through all of these titles, these roles. And that is craft.  I can be a crafty mother, a crafty wife, a crafty friend and a crafty working woman.

So bear with me, gentle reader, as I try to get my craft groove back on.  It’s going to be tough what with only slivers of time to myself. But if I’m going to figure out this work/life balance, craft must be part of the equation. And I want to share it with you.  And it’s not only about what crafts I make. It’s about all of the wonderful craft inspirations out there that make me so very very happy and I hope they’ll make you happy too!

Whether it’s just reviewing a book about a craft, finding other amazing crafters online, revel in an awesome craft tutorial, or –how crazy is this–actually MAKING something, it will help me be me.

So expect a reinvigorated Good Crafternoon! Perhaps with a fancy new updo in the upcoming months.

To start things off, I will show you a vintage bit of crafty goodness modeled with great flair by the Peach.


I bought this handmade vintage little chicken pinafore off of eBay for $3.00.  When I was pregnant, I hung it on a little hanger in my room and would think about the squirmy little body that would one day fill it. And here it is in all of its crafty wonderfulness living my dream in glorious technicolor wonder.  $3.00 never made me so happy!

I love vintage crafts. It’s like all of the love that went into creating it continues to live on beyond its first owner. And I’m always happy to feel the love!

Good crafternoon to all and to all a good night!

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