Little red riding hoodie

Well, if I have no knitting going on, that doesn’t mean I can’t showcase the amazing work for others.

Exhibit A:

The Domiknitrix made the Peach this dandy red sweater–it’s a baby version of her famous little red riding hoodie sweater that is so popular in the knitting world.

I love it. It is one of those pieces of baby clothes that have been worn to death by the Peach. I also love it because the Domiknitrix is such a clever knitter and you can see that thoughtful knitting stitch design in her work, which makes it particularly stunning.

Hmm… Perhaps this would have been a more stunning picture if I brushed the Peach’s hair. Well, like mother like daughter, I suppose…

The Peach was wearing her sweater this weekend while we were out shopping when we were stopped by a lady who commented on her little outfit saying she looked like a European  baby with all her cute knits.

My little euro baby!  I have to laugh because the pattern on her little dress looks rather fancy, but I bought it from Babies R Us–Carter’s brand along with a red and white polkadot dress for $4.00 this summer.

Baby needs a hat

Unfortunately, the Peach is down with a high fever right now, but so forgive me if posting is light for the rest of the week between my sick baby and Thanksgiving.

I think I need to do some knitting to get my mind off of my sick little Peach.

I’ve been most remiss in my baby knitting. I’ve made her a hat or two out of scrap yarn and re-purposed other sweaters for her.

But when the Peach’s daycare provider said she needed a hat for her afternoon strolls, I knew the knitting needles were going to have to come out.

Afterall, it is Fall and it wouldn’t be Autumn without a bit of knitting. My arms can handle a bit of knitting.

And something special to keep her little head warm.

Like this utterly gorgeous silk from Debbie Bliss matched with this sweet vintage style pattern for a stella pixie hat.

The colors I think will match her new little magenta fleece nicely, don’t you think?

Fall Means Knitting

Remember when I used to do this crazy thing with two needles called knitting?

Since the Peach  came into my life and the purchase of our little keep, knitting has been pushed aside sadly. Why, the last thing I knit were booties for her and since then–nothing.

But every fall just as the birds start to head South, I head to the yarn store, thinking about knitting.  But what to knit?

I really want to knit something for myself. But the Peach is such a good little model… But she does have quite a few knits ready fo her.

But I’ve been kinda crushing on a little Swiss miss shtick right now. Something knit from the top down in green with red accents maybe? Total Fair Isle awesomeness, yeah? But then I am also digging these patterns.

Wendy from Knit ‘n Tonic’s Fair Enough: A simpler and more sophisticated take on the fair isle. And God, I love me some Wendy!

Flint Knits’ February Lady Sweater: a great take on the wonderful Ms. Zimmerman’s iconic baby sweater. And this chic lady seems so rad what with her glasses. J’taime those glasses!

Garter Lace by Ann Budd has been calling me since I saw it featured in a Knit Picks catalogue this summer, but the Knit Pick’s cotlin is on backorder until October. Boo!

Or maybe I should just jump and finally knit that Norah Gaughn Nantucket sweater that I’ve been lusting after for oh…three years. Please forgive the cruddy picture.

Or, here’s a brilliant idea: ACTUALLY FINISH KNITTING THE SWEATER THAT IS SITTING UPSTAIRS–the cable luxe sweater that I was determined to knit as a cardigan… hello old friend.

Thoughts, commentary? What should I do? AGONY!

Next Knitting Project–Cable Luxe Tunic


When you see three swatches, you know some hard core knitting is about to happen!

Yes, the dye has been cast–I just purchased the cable luxe tunic pattern from LionBrand. I’m going to knit the yoke in “duck egg” or “sea spray” or whatever J.Crewesque name I can use to describe a nice muted blue with a tinge of greenish gray mixed in. And “chocolate” (a.k.a. brown) for the body and arms.

But first it is time to swatch. Since this wonderful pattern was created to shill LionBrand’s Wool-Ease, I bought one of their wonderfully priced and huge skeins of yarn. And on the first take I hit the guage. What a dream! But what a meh fabric it produced. It was a bit too scratchy for me.  Now, I’m not knocking Wool-Ease. It’s a great product and the price point is amazing and they have some of the best colors available. And I’m a huge fan of their Cotton-Ease product. But after spending months knitting a sweater with yarn that I didn’t like, I decided that it was worth paying more to enjoy the knitting process as much as the finished product.

So I tried Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and voila hit guage again and produced a much softer square.

So Cashmerino aran it is! Wonderfully expensive small-skeined Cashmerino Aran. 

And now all I have to do is wait for the yarn to arrive.

But don’t worry, I’ll still be putting my hands into all sorts of crafty mischief, while waiting for those little balls of gold to show up on my doorstep…

Here’s a little hint…with special guest star, Minnow too!


FO, but not mine

The world says there are two kinds of knitters–people who knit for themselves and people who knit for others.  I see the benefits of both camps. As a knitter, you spend so much time to create something that is often times doesn’t highlight the effort and time that went into it. People like it, but sometimes they don’t see the layers of what it takes to create a knitted gift. It is way way way easier to of course purchase something.  And the yarn alone can be twice the cost of what you can often buy in the store. And the time that one knits it is, of course, priceless.

That is why only other knitters fully understand and appreciate an item that has been knitt for them. Truly understand.

I hope the DomiKNITrix fully understands how much I completely appreciate this gorgeous scarf she knit for me. I appreciate every quick pull and twining her hands made with the yarn. I appreciate her knowing choice of color palette. The sincere thought of–this IS for LESLIE.  It is truly awe-inspiring when you think that someone spent hours–many evenings creating something for you. Not just plucking a gift up in a shop, but taking time out of their life to create a one of a kind object that I can wear and love. You truly can feel the love and the warmth. The time the effort. I can’t believe it. It’s really quite magical. Domiknitrix gave me a hand knitted scarf! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For Quinton

My darling friend Dana’s best friend had to deliver her baby boy two months early last Friday.

So I made these for him.

Making these was mind bending. Seriously, I can’t even fully tell you how satisifying and delicious bootie knitting is. A dear little foot would fill this bootie. It’s so wee. And only took a half hour. And is so sweet. So full of hope.

Yes, just as much love goes into knitting the booties. I think more than the sweaters, if that is even possible.

I’m officially giving booties to babies. They are a joy to make.

Thank you Quinton for being the perfect recipient for my first pair. Wear them well and may you grow out of them very very soon.


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