Well, I must admit that I love tattoos. Mr. Sweetie has a few and I have a couple of smaller ones that I adore.

But I’ve been wanting this for a few years.

It’s a popular one and I think it is absolutely stunning. Man Ray ROCKS. And it is such a beautiful play on the female body.

BUT…. Well, last year, while I was changing for Christmas, my mother came into my room and after a few minutes of idle chatter, she lowered her voice and took my hand and said, “Leslie, can you promise me something?” For a moment there, I felt nervous–thinking it might be something involving my parents will, or some heart-renderingly painful mother-daughter conversation that I’ve been fearing for my whole life, but has never happened.

“Leslie, promise me you’ll never get another tattoo. It’s just not ladylike.”

I laughed and said she was crazy, but she wouldn’t drop it until I promised her I would never get another tattoo. Now I’ve never thought of my mother as a conservative person. She’s a registered Democrat, pro-choice, recycles, won’t drive down Bush Street–a true blue liberal, but she just couldn’t get over the fact that her daughter had a tattoo. Perhaps she thinks I’ll give up my job and go join a motorcycle gang. Perhaps she thinks getting tattoos can lead to HIV. I think it’s just a matter of taste tho.

But I can’t break a promise. Could you say no this this little lady? Or her escort, the dapper Preston, her youngest grandchild? Doesn’t she look glamorous?

But anyway, I am knitting. Seriously tons. I have finished baby sweater to show as well as other ones that I’m working on.

So stay tuned!

What the!

Wow! Sorry, I’ve been here, but just rather busy. But I’ve been writing posts, but am waiting to spend a night at home where I can upload all of my pictures.

I’ve been sewing, knitting, and reading. In fact one book I bought recently was inspired by this. Since those wedding bells run last year, Mr. Sweetie and I have been looking very casually at houses. And then we came across this house. It’s a beaut. On the sweetest little street in West Alameda and a huge garage for Mr. Sweetie to tinker on his cars. Just perfection. But alas, we just aren’t ready to commit to buying a house. But boy, did this get our engines going!



Oh, and I’m about to be dancing a lot more too. Yes, it’s time to trim the go-go tree–Devil-Ette season is upon us!

We are in the midst of auditions, so there may be two more horned cuties wandering San Francisco in the near future. Hoorah!


Don’t worry, I promise far more dazzling posts in the near future. I’m very close to finishing the third baby sweater and about to start on the fourth.


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