Moving On Up!

Tomorrow my sweetie and I are picking up the keys to our new home in Alameda, a island suburb off of Oakland. After almost 10 years of living in SF city limitAdd Images I’m moving to a house with a proper back yard where I can plant flowers and herbs for cooking.

The house is a three bedroom single story arts and crafts house. It does have a garage, but the driveway was built in 1911 between the houses when the only cars on the road were model Ts, so it is too small for modern day cars! Garage = gardening/bike shed. Good enough for us!

It even has a laundry room–no more dodging traffic as I run across the street with 30 lbs of black clothes stuffed into a garbage bag! The kitchen is huge with this strange box under one of the counters that you can put dirty dishes in and soap–then flick a switch and they magically clean themselves! Crazy!

And hard wood floors. And a fire place with built ins. I have to pinch myself to believe that I’m going to be living there.

For more pictures check out this site my sweetie created.

We feel very lucky to have found this beautiful house and we look forward to turning it into our own dear home.

And I swear I’ll get to more knitting stuff soon.

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