You Do the Hokey Pokey

A lovely friend of mine invited me to her holiday dinner party.  I have known Mixie since college and many many days where spent on her sofa knitting and drinking and eating and laughing.   For a Mixie dinner party, the standard bottle of wine just didn’t seem special enough for the occasion.

This dilemma sent me bounding towards my groaning cookbook shelves to pull out a recipe I’ve been wanting to make for ages. Nigella’s hokey pokey or honeycomb.

Just three ingredients and five minutes of hands-on cooking were transformed into a sweet treat that I think any hostess would enjoy.  Perfect to make during the Peach’s scant afternoon nap this past Saturday.

I think the honeycomb would be particularly nice over vanilla ice cream or on top of the next batch of brownies. Hint hint, Mixie!

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One thought on “You Do the Hokey Pokey”

  1. Love this idea. Love it! Someone gave me Lillet, mint, and rose-flavored homemade marshmellows yesterday–how great is that?

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