This Week in Pants

I adore my day care provider.

Not only because she takes beautiful care of my Peach. But because she’s a seamstress.  A true kindred spirit.

In one afternoon, she:

  • Serviced my machine
  • Showed me the right bobbin to use for my machine
  • Found me the right size needle for my machine
  • Pretty much taught me how to sew on my sewing machine
  • Helped match fabrics
  • And helped me sew five button-cute pairs of pants for the Peach! FIVE PAIRS, PEOPLE!!! Nice cozy flannel lined pants that fit properly over the Peach’s cloth swaddled little bottom perfectly and match all of her little tops to boot.

I will post pictures of the Peach in some of her dandier outfits tomorrow!

You can get these dandy pants too–she made the pattern herself and it’s so easy–trust me! We zipped these out so quickly–I think each pair took less than 20 minutes to make. Tops!

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3 thoughts on “This Week in Pants”

  1. WOW! That is one heck of a daycare provider!! The pants look cute and I know they’ll look amazing on The Peach!!

  2. That’s so cool that you get to know somebody who can give you all those tricks ! And she HAS to be a good person to look after the peach 😉
    I just started sewing again, and I have to go visit my aunt someday so she can teach me how to use my sewing machine the right way too 😛

    Best wishes for the New Year btw !! 🙂


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