Still slammed

I know fans, please forgive me. I just plain ole busy.

Since the move, my life has been so crazy that I haven’t spent more than 5 hours unpacking. I don’t live in a house, I live in a maze of boxes. Not cute.

And I thought I was SO clever listing what room each box belonged to with a special color code (yellow tag means “kitchen”). But alas those 30 odd boxes don’t tell me which one holds the roasting pan. So meals have been somewhat slapdash. Oh yeah, and the oven–runs a good 50 degrees below the temp that I set it for turning my delightful pork tenderloin into jerky. So not cute.

And I really crave knitting. When I’m completely stressed out of my gourd–like right now–a few rows of knitting will do wonders in unkinking my neck. Soon…Oh yes, soon. But right now, the lighting in the new house is only slightly sunnier than Batman’s cave, so perhaps I’ll run down to Joanne’s and treat myself to one of those oh so fancy OTT lights. Tomorrow is pay day! Almost as good as having mojitos pumped through my veins. Almost.

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