I Want To Go To There

I had to use the famous Tina Fey 30 Rock Quote for the title not only because it’s funny, but because Tina is a mom.

And I want to go to Mom 2.0 Summit. Not only because it has some of my favorite people speaking, but because of this utterly stunning video created by Katherine Center.

Next year. Absolutely!

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One thought on “I Want To Go To There”

  1. I LOVE Tina Fey like crazy. And I feel totally certain that line on 30 Rock is a quote from her little one. Don’t you think it just has to be?
    Thank you so much for posting the motherhood video. Wish you could come to Mom 2.0, too. It’s like paradise, they way they give you coffee and snacks.
    And I love your awesome blog! Good Crafternoon, indeed!!!!

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