I just got back from celebrating  a friend’s birthday in the city.  I almost didn’t go, but I missed my very dear friend Karen.  At times I feel I am stretched so thin with my full time job, my blogs, my family, my life that I feel I am going to drop it all.  But I must remember that it is all OK.  That sometimes life just gets a bit packed, but that it the long run, that’s OK.  And you can and should always squeeze in time with friends–particularly ones as dear as Karen.

I am so thankful for this hectic little life of mine.   I am so lucky to have had more laughter in it than tears. And I think about my little Peach and all of the wonderful firsts that she is about to experience. Her first day of summer vacation. Her first blow on a dandelion. Her first best friend.  Her first pair of high heels. Her first dance. The first time a boy tells her she love him. Her first favorite song. Her first meteor shower. So many exquisite little moments of light that will make her life whole. It is humbling to think about it all.

Here is to firsts.

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