What Happened to May?

How did it become June?

Ah–because of this one.

It’s a good excuse.

But things have been going on. And I plan to write about there here as well as there.

But I have things to tell you all.

Like my mighty list, my hook, my upcoming picnic, and my sewing. Oh yes, I have been sewing. Since we last chatted, I’ve made two lovely crib sheets, a couple of sweet pinafores for Georgia and have more planned for the summer.

So here’s to some rekindling a romance with Good Craftenoon. There is a lot to love here. I’ve missed it so!

Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “What Happened to May?”

  1. Love your blog! Found it while at work; it’s been slow here and I have really enjoyed going back and reading your blog from the start, and seeing your wee one grow up. She’s a doll!

    Happy Holidays!
    (Gigit from Fedora)

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