It speaks the truth!

Your Linguistic Profile:

45% General American English
40% Yankee
10% Dixie
5% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern
What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Who would have thought that I would have this mishmash of a lexicon? I guess that Dixie part is due to my Mom saying she’s from the South, although her accent is more of a mix of New York/New Jersey. And I was told at a cocktail party that I sounded like someone from the Main Line–a smart little suburb near Philadelphia. I guess that Upper Midwestern is from living in Boulder for awhile. And all those years and college living in New England bring out the Yankee in me.

I will post a picture one of these days… If I could find the blasted camera. But I have been knitting. I finished a scarf for Miss Jenny and pounded through the body of the little matinee coat for Lynnie’s little niece. OK, soon! I promise photos!

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