The Unholy Trinity

So, last Saturday I spent the day with Craft Mom (CM).

Isn’t she gorgeous? Yes, this is the wonderful woman who taught me so much not only about knitting, but about quilting, sewing, and every craft in between.  Don’t get me wrong. I love my mother to the brink, but she would break out in in hives just entering any store involving any craft. Where my mother fears to go CM sashays in with amazing ideas that would send Martha Stewart into a flutter. CM was in town and all is right with the world!

But get this, it wasn’t only the delight of having CM in SF. I was also lucky enough to have her two dear friends Diane and Dottie. And the three of them together are a triumpherant of uber fabulousness.

Look at this innocent trio. Don’t let them fool you.  They ran me ragged on a day trip to Sausalito. Outshopped, outwined, outdined, outjoked, outcharmed me in every way. They were already nicknamed, “the Unholy Trinity” by an SF bartender within their first 48 hours of being in San Francisco before I even met up with them

Oh, but we had so much fun. I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. So much fun that we missed the ferry back to San Francisco.  Had to take the bus. And they were such good sports about it. Saw it as a way to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Dottie*, you have my heart for that.

*BTW, Dottie is the leading ice figure skating silver champ in her age group. She has more silver medals than Kristi Yamaguchi. She spends about four hours a day skating.  Inspiration, anyone? Actually, all of these women are inspiring and amazing in their own way.

Holy Trinity, I can’t wait to you ladies come back!


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