OH the shame

Of not posting in more than a month. But please hear me out during that month the following stuff happened:

– traveled to East Coast and celebrated a very jam-packed Christmas with my family
– came back to 12 hour days of work
– Spent 5 days in hospital having 25 fibroids removed and weaned myself off of morphine
– Dealing with my parents who moved in to take care of me for a month during my recup period-(I’m not suppose to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, which means I can’t even pick up my own cat, Minnow!)
– And became an engaged lady

Yup! My sweetie proposed. Long story involving my addiction to push-button puppets, tide charts, PMS, and the prettiest ring ever! I’ll bore you with it some other time. 36 and a bride for the first time!

But I have been knitting–nothing like being bedridden to get the knitting going! And it’s not for a baby or presents for other people–nope! This is something for me! The Viennese shrug from Interweave Knits. Man, I could have used that in the blasted hospital–so freaking cold at times… I’m elongating the sleeves, which means I may need to run out and get some more yarn. Hoping not tho’.

I’m knitting it in this gorgeous dark green yumminess. Will post pictures soon–I PROMISE!

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