Hello 2008! A Drawer A Day–Karate Chop on Clutter

Well, there is always something so inspirational about the first day of the year. The rehaul of eating and drinking habits are evergreen items on my list. But I really want to deal with my clutter demons. Sometimes clutter is just so overwhelming that you much chip away at it one step, one day at a time.

I wouldn’t say I’m horrible with clutter, but well, things do pile up. And one of the top ways to stop that is getting rid of the items that cause the clutter. I don’t want people to come into my house and see clutter–but instead the charming items that I treasure. Not the pile of books or clothes in the corner of the room.  My friend Penelope always used to say–“Every thing has its place. Every place has its thing.” And it is quite true. Now how do I start?

One drawer at a time.  I remember one week, my darling friend Dana decided to clean out one drawer at a time in her bedroom. Why not take it to the next step. Do one until there aren’t any  more drawers.

Yes, you see where I’m going with this one. In fact I’m going to start my own little organization revolution–one drawer at a time. No more than 15 minutes a day. And I’m not going to just move stuff from one drawer to the next closest drawer. I’m going to put things away–give them a place.  I am taking the pledge. A Drawer A Day! 

Starting today.  And I’m starting with this ultimate repisotory for crap! Yes, the bedside table top drawer.

Which started looking like this:

And in less than 10 minutes turned into this:

Wow. Just 10 minutes and already I feel better. More sane. Like I’m truly moving forward. Which is always good. And yes, things were thrown out and put in their proper place.  Why do I have seven pens in this drawer and not a scrap of paper? And what is with the 30 odd pony tail holders?

Truly humbling stuff.

I think this blog would be rather lame if I started just shooting photos of my drawers. Wouldn’t that be ghastly? So, I’ll just save that for Mondays. Start the week out with a bang–looking at the accomplishements of the past week to egg me on to continue it for the next week.

Wish me luck and feel free to join me on my Karate Chop on Clutter!


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