FO, but not mine

The world says there are two kinds of knitters–people who knit for themselves and people who knit for others.  I see the benefits of both camps. As a knitter, you spend so much time to create something that is often times doesn’t highlight the effort and time that went into it. People like it, but sometimes they don’t see the layers of what it takes to create a knitted gift. It is way way way easier to of course purchase something.  And the yarn alone can be twice the cost of what you can often buy in the store. And the time that one knits it is, of course, priceless.

That is why only other knitters fully understand and appreciate an item that has been knitt for them. Truly understand.

I hope the DomiKNITrix fully understands how much I completely appreciate this gorgeous scarf she knit for me. I appreciate every quick pull and twining her hands made with the yarn. I appreciate her knowing choice of color palette. The sincere thought of–this IS for LESLIE.  It is truly awe-inspiring when you think that someone spent hours–many evenings creating something for you. Not just plucking a gift up in a shop, but taking time out of their life to create a one of a kind object that I can wear and love. You truly can feel the love and the warmth. The time the effort. I can’t believe it. It’s really quite magical. Domiknitrix gave me a hand knitted scarf! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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