Hunting for Houses

Yes–I know we’ve heard much about houses dropping in price and I must admit as a person looking for a house, this housing meltdown has certainly opened the market for new houses.

Currently we rent a darling little house. On a darling street. In a totally craptacular school district. Our place is really quite nice, but as with most rentals there are downsides. Like no proper garage for my sweetie and only one bathroom and no coat closet or linen closet.  Our dear home has been owned by the same family since it was built in 1911, and it’s been a rental for the past 50 years, which means that it really hasn’t had any upkeep done to it in FOREVER. Upkeeps like oh–insulation. Or new plumbing.

So we’ve been out hunting for houses and every now and then we see something that would be just perfect. Like this:

PROS: Three bedrooms! Coat closet! Huge kitchen! Good school district! Button cuteness galore! And dream of dreams–a RUMPUS ROOM! I’ve always wanted a room to rumpus in!  But really who doesn’t?  Can you imagine how much yarn/fabric/just plain stuff I could stash in a place like that?

CONS: More than $80,000 in pest and foundation work to do.

That’s a big con if you ask me.

Back to square one!


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3 thoughts on “Hunting for Houses”

  1. Don’t you worry. A wonderful place will come up that is perfect for raising little girls and having the perfect “Croffice” to teach them to knit.

  2. It’s the way of the cosmos, just keep looking and wait it out. Something super cheap and perfect will come in outta the blue in the next month or two. PROMISE!!!

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