Still Cooking

Because last year’s new recipe a week goal was so much fun and so doable, I’m going to do it again!

I thought about doubling it, but then I rememebered that this is suppose to be fun, not necessarily a contest. I’m not the cooking stalwart that say, Julie is, but hey, it’s fun, right?

So, this week I actualy cooked two lovely new meals. One from Martha’s that was featured in her January issue. I love those four course pull outs that she loves. It makes me want to start subscribing to her all over again!

And I also made this: bourbon salmon. Doesn’t it look healthy with its charming side dishes of edamame mixed vegetables from Trader Joe’s and some nice wild rice? Desperately easy and oh so good! Perfect for weeknight dinners!

With a nice glass of wine and a nifty home-made napkin that I finished off with red bias tape (a leftover from my Thanksgiving craftiness that still keeps giving), it makes for a nice-ish picture!

It say “nice-ish” because there are so many lovely photos of food photography, like this one for’s salted hazelnut brittle. Isn’t that picture gorgeous? It takes quite a brilliant photographer to turn brittle into something as gorgeous as a stained glass window.

Or some of the yummy things on my favorite blogs like Alicia’s snugglesome blog or the quiet beauty of 3191. I really want to be a better photographer to do justice to the subjects and for my blog. Hmmm… Perhaps another goal for 2008.

Anyway, have a nice weekend, everyone!


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One thought on “Still Cooking”

  1. mmm that looks so so yummy. I confess, I miss meat sometimes. I’m a vege girl now but I’m thinking of going “off the wagon” every once in awhile. Oh, and how cute is your table! And your plate, and your napkin, and even your knife! We have this horrid metal table (my hubby likes stainless, even the furniture, ugh) Makes me think we are eating dinner on a veterinary table. Needless to say, we use tablecloths a lot. So, I tried to respond to your sweet comment on my blog and it kept getting spit back at me, so here goes…
    You did!? That makes me feel so much better bc I was worried I sounded
    a little nuts and desperate but than I couldn’t figure out how to erase
    it, and than I forgot. 🙂 I use to be all “fearless female” hear me
    roar and all that until I met my hubby and since then I have morphed
    into this cookie baking, flower planting, mush ball! 😉


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