Clutter Karate! Week er…4/5…

Even through the craziness of the past week, my love of the de-cluttering is still unfettered.

What I’m most chuffed about this past week was clearing out a completely forgotten nook in our house–the DVD nook.



Hmmm–do I really need these VHS tapes of Sopranos season 4? Clearly not.

Good bye misc. DVDs. But sorry clutter–you’ll have to get used to “The Muppet Show” DVDs. Some things are above clutter–more like cultural icons. And yes–Fozzie the Bear does count as a cultural icon. At least to me.  And that goes for the “Arrested Development DVDs too.
So for the month of January, I have taken this much stuff out of my house. It has been given to the Salvation Army so others can continue to get use out of these items.


This upcoming week. The bathroom. Good bye prescriptions from 1998!

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One thought on “Clutter Karate! Week er…4/5…”

  1. Hi there,
    I just had to let you know that your clutter karate has totally inspired me! I just found your blog tonight and it’s perfect timing, ’cause i’m about to start a 3-week break from full time study, and have been meaning to attack the clutter in my home for ages.
    Now I’m defnitely going to get in there in black-belt style and give all the clutter the chop. Haaaaaai-Ya!

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