Next Knitting Project–Cable Luxe Tunic


When you see three swatches, you know some hard core knitting is about to happen!

Yes, the dye has been cast–I just purchased the cable luxe tunic pattern from LionBrand. I’m going to knit the yoke in “duck egg” or “sea spray” or whatever J.Crewesque name I can use to describe a nice muted blue with a tinge of greenish gray mixed in. And “chocolate” (a.k.a. brown) for the body and arms.

But first it is time to swatch. Since this wonderful pattern was created to shill LionBrand’s Wool-Ease, I bought one of their wonderfully priced and huge skeins of yarn. And on the first take I hit the guage. What a dream! But what a meh fabric it produced. It was a bit too scratchy for me.  Now, I’m not knocking Wool-Ease. It’s a great product and the price point is amazing and they have some of the best colors available. And I’m a huge fan of their Cotton-Ease product. But after spending months knitting a sweater with yarn that I didn’t like, I decided that it was worth paying more to enjoy the knitting process as much as the finished product.

So I tried Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and voila hit guage again and produced a much softer square.

So Cashmerino aran it is! Wonderfully expensive small-skeined Cashmerino Aran. 

And now all I have to do is wait for the yarn to arrive.

But don’t worry, I’ll still be putting my hands into all sorts of crafty mischief, while waiting for those little balls of gold to show up on my doorstep…

Here’s a little hint…with special guest star, Minnow too!


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3 thoughts on “Next Knitting Project–Cable Luxe Tunic”

  1. I really want to learn to knit! I can make a scarf and that is it. That sweater is going to be beautiful!
    Great fabrics you have there! Vintage feel but so fresh, love that! Gonna make a quilt? I have been wanting to make a quilt forever and someday it will actually happen!

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