Things I have cried over since I became pregnant

A question for the women out there that have been pregnant before: did you cry a lot more over rather silly things in your second trimester?  I seem to.

Here is a list of the things that I’ve cried over in the past two weeks:

  • not winning a bid on eBay
  • My sweetie eating what I thought was the last lime popsicle
  • Watching the season premiere of Heroes
  • NPR story about pets being left behind in Galveston TX during the hurricane
  • Walking a block to buy a taco and realizing that I forgot my wallet
  • Thinking I forgot my Mom’s birthday (this actually started off a 30 minute crying jag)
  • Minnow throwing up under the dining room table
  • Over spilled milk (seriously, but it was buttermilk, which I think smells rather awful!)
  • Not being able to dance at Tease-o-rama
  • Jen leaving to live in London for awhile
  • Wrecking this stupid attempt at a chenille blanket

  • Feeling the baby move–I’m pretty sure that was a foot!
  • Not seeing Eileen
  • Disliking our living room rug

 This is normal, right?

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3 thoughts on “Things I have cried over since I became pregnant”

  1. You mean you’re supposed to be preggers to cry over these kinds of things? I cry about things like this all the time…and then some! And I’m nowhere near being pregnant.

    Hang in there, miss Dottie – I’m sure it’ll get easier!

  2. Not only did I cry at random stuff, I lost my ability to form full, complex sentences. And it lasted until about six months after delivery. I felt so stupid.

  3. A whole block? And no taco? Bah. I’ve killed for less. Today, I almost took an airport bartender down because she made me walk ten feet to get my ID. My ID was next to the baby. The baby who is currently stalking me. You see my problem. It was the first 15 minutes I’d gotten to myself all weekend, and she was trying to ruin it. I called her a c word (not to her face) and gave the sale and tip to the other bartender (who also carded me). No tears, though. I must not be pregnant.

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