What is your stash like?

Well, since I’m rocking the Knitting Olympics, I decided to read Yarn Harlot’s book–which was given to my by one of my dearest friends, Rosymare. And I just finished the chapter about yarn stash. I know every knitter out there has a stash problem right? Thank you Yarn Harlot for making me feel like mine wasn’t soo awful!

I used to have an extreme stash problem to the point where I had a bookcase full of yarn. But I foisted a large grocery bag of chenille and mismatched acrylic yarns onto a friend who had a passing interest in knitting. But in less than two months I still had a crap load of yarn. How does this happen?

But since my surgery I have been on this amazing organization kick, which has led to a major re-haul of my stash. So here are pictures of it:

Please note the oh-so-shabby-chic placement of the big green pitcher “carelessly” filled with knitting needles and some vintage bakelite knitting goodies given to me by my sweetie.

And yes, I bagged bundles of matching yarns for uber-organization. And even tried to organize it by color, but only got halfway. As you can see, I have truly do have a crap-load of yarn. It seems I’m attracted to red and green yarns with little shots of plum and brown and gray mixed in. And a wee bit of blue to special blue-loving friends.

It’s very interesting to look through one’s yarn stash and remember all of the projects assigned to certain yarns. Such as thing lovely chunky tweedy blue and gray yarn from Rowan that I bought for Rosymare to knit her a sweater, but realized I didn’t have enough yarn. I’m now saving it to knit her baby a sweater when she gets pregnant. Or some leftover angora mix that I will one day be transformed into that heart scarf from Knitty. Dear sweet Yarn, I promise, I will knit every last inch of you.

Oh and an update on my Apricot sweater I’m knitting for the Olympics. Well, I am very near finishing the two side panels and hope to cast on tomorrow for the sleeves. I have definitely slowed down–so naughty! But hope to pick up a few hours of airplane knitting on the sleeves. My hope is to finish it early next week. Wish me luck!

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