Olympic Update

OK, this will be super quick because I need to get back to knitting, since I’m determined to finish the sleeves today on this apricot jacket. And then I’ll just have to block and stitch it up! Whoo hoo!

I always knit my sleeves at the same time on one circular needle to ensure that I’m making increases at the same time on both sleeves. But man, they do seem to drag on when you do it that way, but when you are finished–you are FINISHED!

I would have pictures to show, but while flying back from Miami to SF, my suitcase went missing with the back and two front pieces of the sweater in it. I’m hoping to see it later today.

BTW, I finished Yarn Harlot’s book and it was wonderful. If you haven’t bought it already (but I’m sure you have because everyone else in the knitting world has finished it) go buy it now.

OK, off to knit.

And once I’m finished with this I can knock out that pink baby sweater for my friend, which needs to be finished by next Sunday. Yoinks! Wish me luck!

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