Things I cried about this week

Ah pregnancy! What a fun emotional rollercoaster you are!

Things I cried about this week (and a couple from last):

  • After my friend told me that those organic baby carrots I buy from Trader Joe’s turn slightly whitish if they’ve been out to long due to the chlorine that they are dipped in.  So basically I’ve turned my uterus into a swimming pool. HOT!
  • Having my purse stolen! Yup! It really does suck. And there’s been a rash of it happening in SF right now.  But I must remember that as long as I’m OK, and the baby’s OK that everything’s OK.
  • The movie Waitress
  • Missing Eileen’s awesome performance at TOR
  • Missing my ability to poop! Damn pregnancy constipation!
  • Korto dedicated her collection to her daughter
  • Leanne winning Project Runway
  • Having my Microsoft Office lose all 1200 of my contacts and meetings. Uh–sorry I forgot that dentist appointment/lunch/deadline/your number. I don’t suck, but Microsoft really does!
  • My sweetie making my fresh orange juice at 6:00AM in the morning
  • My first Braxton Hicks contraction 
  • Signing up for this class
  • Ordering a new rug for the living room and seeing my sweetie had already moved all of the furniture and put it down
  • One word: work
  • My oldest niece turning 12–welcome to your tweens, Banks! Don’t turn into Miley Cyrus!
  • Getting this utterly gorgeous kit in the mail and thinking about how much fun it will be to make them! Thank you Alicia for your beautiful note and I don’t even want to open it–it’s so pretty and just full of dreams. Is there anything more glorious than an unopened kit waiting for crafty inspiration to happen
  • Nearly throwing my iPod alarm radio clock out the window at 2:00AM last night in a fit of apoplectic rage when I couldn’t get to sleep and the iPod wasn’t playing the sleep soundtrack I needed to help me fall back asleep
  • Renee’s beautiful card–oh that was a good weep! And the delicious book that came with it

Stay tuned for more fits of pregnancy hormones soon!

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One thought on “Things I cried about this week”

  1. Ha Ha! I’ve been there. I guess I still am. Because I cried when Korto dedicated her collection to her daughter, when she grabbed her little hand and brought her on stage with her and when she fell asleep backstage because she was so ti ti. And almost again as I write this. Korto was robbed! Robbed!

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