Torn between two lovers

When will these stupid sleeves EVER be done? I watched three episodes of Rollergirls with knitting in hand. The only thing I had after this TVtime was one inch of knitting done, a sore elbow and a desire to go out and buy some roller skates.

I think roller derby would be a fitting way to start my work-out regime when I’m off this medical leave, but there is something a touch daunting about a sport that offers you a chance to simultaneously lose pounds and teeth at the same time.

But imagine how cool it would be to have Miss Conduct on your side? She is five feet a fury coming at you!
Anyway, once I finish this Apricot jacket I’m want to knit Something Red from Knit and Tonic’s site. It’s such a pretty cardigan, isn’t it?

Would it be too tragic to knit it in a cozy brown? I need a brown sweater desperately and the lines on this one would be so cute. Something Brown? But of course that is after I finish Apricot and of course the baby sweater, which I haven’t even cast on for and need to finish by Feb. 27th. Gulp!

And what was that Mary Jane cardigan?
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