Rock the Vote–I mean CHAIR!

Well, in less than six days a major decision must be made by every American of voting age. That was an easy decision for me, but deciding on a rocking chair has been driving me crazy!!!

So, rocking chair. Why it is driving me crazy, I have no idea. I think I’m being egged on by such droolworthy sites like this one and this insane one, but all of a sudden, all wedding coolness has been dropped for uber coolness of the next lifechanging accessory–a baby. Sigh.

And it’s just made worse by the overwhelming nesting vibe that has coursing through my veins over the past month. All of a sudden, our darling little Alameda arts & craft bungalow that my sweetie and I have been canoodling in happily for the past three years turned into Little Abner’s outhouse shack that will collapse into a pile of abestos filled plaster if anyone sneezes too hard. Seriously.

I assure you that I will post a full piece on the baby’s room, but right now, let me just focus on the rocker. I was determined to find a cool rocker. Heaven forbid I go out and get one of those perfectly comfortable, quiet–yet still kinda spendy gliders that have been so popular for the past five years–like this one:

Oh no, I wanted something cool like these two

Except both of those options are in the $500-900 realm. Yeah. Not soo much for me. Target had a super cute one, but alas–poof–it disappeared from the stores and its Website.

Now, I’m as green as the next girl–and my green vibe comes out a lot more in the form of buying used items instead of creating more stuff, although that stuff might be organic, etc. So, I really wanted to find a vintage rocking chair. But everything I found on Craig’s list was OK, but then I came across this beauty.

The lovely older couple who was selling it said that had been in their family for four generations, but now, none of their kids wanted it. From the moment I sat in it, I felt at ease–it fit me perfectly. So we snatched it up. Here is the picture of it right now. I’m going to have the cushions reupholstered in a gray microsuede that I bought at Fabric Depot.

But then, a smidge of buyer’s remorse hit me. It’s a pretty small chair and it fits me quite nicely now, but what happens when I continue to grow? Will this chair be nothing but a piece of modern art as I sit somewhere else nursing my child? Eek! And it has a low back. Will i need head support? I have no idea. Sometimes this whole preparing for baby thing is like packing for a vacation where you don’t know the destination or how long you’ll need to be there. Should I pack a tennis racket or a top hat? I have no idea…

So, wish me luck against buyer’s remorse and that my tush can fit into this rocker in six months…

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3 thoughts on “Rock the Vote–I mean CHAIR!”

  1. I freaked out about the rocking chair, too — so much that I just couldn’t get one (my main concern was finding a chair that both Mike and I would be comfortable in, which is of course impossible). Why do they cost more than a sofabed? Crazy. Anyway, I think that if you fit in it now, you’ll fit in it afterwards; the real test will be whether you can fit a Boppy in it.

    I don’t think the lack of a headrest will be too much of a problem for you; I challenge you not to continually crook your neck to watch your baby girl.

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