Interweave Magazine

I got my Interweave Knits Magazine in the mail–I always get mine at least a week after everyone else does. Why is that?

Anyway, I didn’t find a single thing I wanted to knit, which is absolutely OK by me, since I have enough projects to last me through the year.

Oh, and if anyone is reading this out there, please check out Chez Plum’s site ( One of the few things I AM planning to knit is her Isabeau shrug. Fell in love with it the moment it was first posted. Slyvie did me the HUGE honor of adding me to her blog list. Hoorah! Don’t you love the name of her site? Plums are my favorite fruit and I’ve been wanting a tatoo of a plum for a good four years. Also site is dreamy too. What is it about plums?

Blocking update later today.

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One thought on “Interweave Magazine”

  1. ..oh, of course I’d better leave my comment here !! So here’s what I wrote:
    .. come on, we’re all bloggers and crafters ! ..but thanks. Can’t wait to see your shrug 😉
    ..And I’ll be changing your link now btw ! I have to admit I liked “miss dottie knits”, had this little vintage touch, but good crafternoon is fun too !

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