These blasted sleeves are done and I’m off to block the heck out of all three pieces today. I think I completely mangled the tops of the sleeves so it will take a true Christmas miracle to get these demon things to fit.

In a rather crabby mood. Just can’t seem to get anything done except eat possibly everything that is not nailed down in the house, It’s a complete carb overload. Tomorrow I’m going to WW if it kills me. I will not waddle down the aisle come Nov. 18th. I will embrace 6:00AM kickboxing classes and weight training. I will love salads with light dressing and Lean Cuisines. I will write the great American food journal. But today, I can’t eat enough crap. And really don’t care.

No pictures today, but I promise glorious ones tomorrow. For tomorrow I have a visitor–the lovely Domiknitrix ( and will post pics tomorrow.

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