Well, the Domiknitrix came over and we had a blocking party!

Here are some pictures of D. blocking a piece that will be featured in her upcoming book. What is amazing about the coat is that although it is all done in garter stitch, it is curvy and sexy and just so wearable. She has this way of reinventing pattern design through innovatative stitch combinations to create thoughtfully sophisticated and hip knit pieces.

Check out her site at

She inspired me to block my Olympic Apricot. Here it is in all of it’s plummy beauty. To get the pieces to fit perfectly, I laid them on top of one another. Please note that the apricot holes are even matching.

But look at that arm! Holy crap–what the hell happened? The way it is right now will make me look like I have an arm goiter. Excuse me while I go re-block the sleeves. Does anyone have any tips on how to block something properly? Obviously I’m a total dolt at it.

After I block it I hope it will dry out by end of day. I fear I might have to take a blowdryer to it to help it along, because I need to stitch it up Friday to make my Olympic deadline. Oof!

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