New name for blog

Don’t get me wrong–I adore Miss Dottie Knits! Afterall my nickname is Dottie and I knit. But does it get to the essense of my completely crafty cheeze-whiz dipped soul? I don’t think so.

So, my sweetie gave me a belated Valentine’s day present and bought me the following site name:

“Good Crafternoon” is a very silly name that I call my projects when they sometimes go a bit too crafty–too zany–too glue-gun-rific. I always wanted to do a comedy sketch featuring some lady who effused her delight over puff-painted sweater and peanut butter covered pinecones.

But part of me delights in crafting gone wild–bedazzled jean jackets, potholders a plenty–they all bring a smile to my face.

So, I’m going to embrace my inner craftiness and continue to write about it at starting this weekend.

Let me know your thoughts on the name.

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