Olympic Gold

Cue music!

Yes, I finished the Apricot Plum jacket in all of it’s glory! I had a friend try it on and it looked banging on her too. Very boob friendly.

But wait there is more! I went for the silver and while Apricot jacket was drying from its blocking trauma, I knocked out the a girly pink baby sweater for my friend’s shower tomorrow evening. I used Knit Picks Elegance in rose and it’s quite nice to knit with. I just made the pattern up–a basic raglan with a little frill on the end. And the best part about it is that it matches these lovely vegan cowgirl boots in size 5. I’d say that registered a 7.5 or the cute Richter scale. I’ll post a picture of that tomorrow.

But that is not enough! I also finished this pair of baby devil pants that I finally sewed up yesterday too. These are for Baby Doe’s little bundle of joy–Dashiel.

So what a way to end my wee medical leave and head back to work tomorrow. Let’s hope work won’t get in the way of my quality blogging time. 

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3 thoughts on “Olympic Gold”

  1. congrats on the apricot jacket, and.. WOW, I looove the little devil pants !!! Did you make up the pattern yourself or may I ask where it comes from ? It’s so cool, I need to make some for this friend’s baby due soon ! (and still haven’t knit anything, arghh!)

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