Week 6 with the Peach and Bathrooming it!

Well, the Peach and I are still rocking it! Here she is with her snappy bff, Raggedy!

I must admit, the Peach has been cutting into my crafty time, since my hands are being well spent holding her, I can share with you one project I did finish before Feb. 26.

Exhibit A: our main bathroom.

(And you thought most of the transformation work would be in the nursery. HA!)

Anyway, it’s amazing what can be done with paint and fabric to transform a room!

When we moved in, the bathroom was perfectly acceptable painted in Benjamin Moore Linen White that has hidden a multitude of sins for millions of rented apartment/newly sold homes. It’s a pretty plain bathroom originally with no storage, no towel bars, no shower curtain rod, no window coverings. We knew we could add a little pizazz to this room.

Enter the following:

  • a new color palatte that would wake me out of my morning daze–blue, orange, brown
  • Some fun hip fabric that incorporated two of the three colors–like this funky mod bird motif fabric from Joel Dewberry, which I used to sprinkle my craft magic on to form the shape of a jaunty spruced up shower curtain and a matching curtain edged with orange bias tape.

  • Vintage mid century teacups for storage bought off of eBay for $0.99 for the bunch and some nice orange prints bought off of Etsy

  • IKEA medicine cabinets to make more room for our stuff
  • Some relatively inexpensive towel bars and hooks from BB&B
  • A small selection of the orange push button toys from my push-button toy collection peeking over the top of the medicine cabinets

Voila! New bathroom in record time and pretty cheap to boot–about $450 or so. The majority of that went to the IKEA medicine cabinets, but storage can be spendy at times. Sigh!

Now that I’m rocking the moby wrap, the Peach just snuggles in and passes out, so I can type while she’s on me sleeping. Hopefully that will mean more postings. Wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “Week 6 with the Peach and Bathrooming it!”

  1. Hey, nice job. I love the colours and the curtain fabric….and the cups! enjoy that baby peach, it’s fun to watch them grow and change daily at that age. (says the mother of the grunting teenagers….)

  2. What a treat to see the Peach! And what a treat to see this fabulous bathroom. You should be your own HGTV franchise. You and Georgia, that is.

    Love, Meredith

  3. Wow, I’m really behind with reading your blog – CONGRATULATIONS on The Peach! She’s beautiful, and it sounds like y’all are doing well. I totally know what you mean about just loving looking at your beautiful babe… we’re coming up on six months and it’s still a daily – sometimes hourly – delight.

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