Everyone made it look so easy

Boy, this blogging isn’t as easy as it seems. I read all of these charming witty women waxing on about knitting and their lives and thought, “hey, I could do that!” Every morning, as I brush my teeth I think of a million topics I could post about but as soon as I get in front of the computer my mind is completely blank and I scurry out of blogger.com and head to eBay to look for some low-priced Kid Silk Haze.

And I need to post some pictures, right? I mean, that’s what makes the blogs so much fun, right? Yeah…. Gotta get around to doing that… Yeah…

OK… Let me see what I got here on my computer that I could slap up here…

Wait for it…. Wait for it…. There

OK, so I like pink elephants. Look, isn’t he cute.

But I promise tomorrow I will put post a knitting piece that will charm and delight. With pictures. You’ll see!

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