It’s not Hammer Time

I love my child. And I love the fact that she can make anything look super cute.

Except these pants.

As the weather has been coolish and rainy for a good chunk of March and April and probably May, I feel the need to put pants on the Peach.  And my sweetie was kind enough to run into the frighteningly overwhelming BabiesRUs to pick up some pants for the baby. And returned with these baby-size MC Hammer pants.

You can see in this photo the tightness and long cuff of the green pair of pants here, and pointed out by Jen.

See how similar they are to the MC Hammer pants? Except for the gold lame.

Of course these do not match the cuteness of my baby. Surely, my baby deserves better?

Enter my obscene love of making my own bias tape. Like this darling yellow and spring green dot ones that I put on the bottom of the Peach’s pants:

Ahh… Much better!

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2 thoughts on “It’s not Hammer Time”

  1. Georgia Poppy is so adorable- does she have red hair? I think she’s a budding fashionista since she looks perplexed while in the Hammer pants, verses very delighted while sporting your darling handiwork 🙂

  2. Um, this was the funniest thing I have ever read!!! hahahahaha. I made it a rule whenever buying Wolfie “comfy loungers” (Rule #1 never call them sweat pants….) they can never ever have a banded ankle (Rule #2). But how sweet and awesome that Mr Man found sea foam hammerlettes. heehee. (oooh, i think i just coined a new phrase for baby bottoms!)

    I miss you muffin. And i WILL be seeing the peach soon. I promise!!!

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