Three months

Dear Peach,

Today you are three months old.  My, how times fly!

I am putting away clothes you have outgrown. Those big pants that I rolled up are now capris on you.

Just make sure you don’t outgrow your crib, so I can at least finish the crib skirt in time!

I love you, my sweet,

– Mommy

PS: Good job with the tummy time!

PPS: Tomorrow, I will post the cribskirt! I promise!!!

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3 thoughts on “Three months”

  1. Awww, what a little cutie!

    (On a different note — I’m laughing at the math problem I got instead of a word puzzle. Whew — I’m glad it’s not a HARD math problem!)

    Oh wait — I spoke too soon — there IS a word puzzle!

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