I heart bargello!

With our new little keep to let out far too many years of decor desire, I’ve been spending way too much time on the obscenely addictive Apartment Therapy site. My dream is to get the nursery on the site’s kiddie decor page, Ohdeeoh one day… If I ever finish it…

Although I will carry my love of all things thirties/forties to the grave, AT (as the Apartment Therapy is called by its fans)  has made me more and more of a fan of MCM/60s/70s style  that you see featured so very often on the site.  However,  I’ll never be as organized and pared back to essentials as the homes normally featured on the site. I must admit a large part of me loves a good cluttered shelf full of memories and telling books.  But get me on the set of Mad Men and I will try to steal every piece of furniture that isn’t nailed down.

Then I fell in love with this glorious interior I saw on AT.  It’s Kim Johnson‘s most delicious house in Ottowa.  But what really caught my eye was the sofa crammed full of bargello pillows.  I always think of those wonderfully cozy pillows as kinda seventies Connecticut.

The Bargello pillow has become the touchstone for one of my new style loves which I call “Ice Storm Chic”.  I think now that I’m a mother and soon to be purveyor of someone else’s childhood, I keep wanting to bring in the familiar parts of my own childhood.  Another term for this style could be “Seventies Prep”. A little Sofia Coppola, a touch of Wes Anderson.  I’m sure I saw a bargello pillow tucked into a room in the Tannenbaums‘ pink mansion.  You get my drift, right?

Anyway, it makes me want to bust out a few of these bargello needlepoint pillows, which would be good for my arms and hands instead of the more RSI tough sports of knitting and crochet.

So, hopefully later this month, you’ll see the beginnings of a bargello pillow.

Oh and I will write more about my seventies prep passion and how it is about to influence my fashion too…

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3 thoughts on “I heart bargello!”

  1. As soon as I saw that print I thought Ice Storm! I love the term “Ice Storm Chic” and I am constantly inspired by 70’s patterns.

    Your nursery so deserves to be on AT, it’s going to be amazing when it’s finished. The peach is going to love it in there.

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