Nursery Update–A Little Corner

As promised, a minor nursery update. The picture isn’t the best, so I promise to post a better one later.

When you move houses, you see the furniture you have in a different way.

For example–my great aunt Lil’s cedar chest. I’ve used it as a coffee table for the past six years or so and it’s served me well in that role. But I hated when it started getting some nasty water stains from one too many forgotten cocktail, so I knew it was time for a reinvention or sort.

The cedar chest has gone back to its roots in the nursery as bench/extra storage. I sort of slapdashed the cushion using our old double bed foam cover (the fourth “R” of recycling mantra–reinvent!)  and covered it with some nice blue mattress ticking, which I think fits into the old school charm of the room.  I also added pillows that match the quilt and crib-skirt, but that’s it for that fabric in the nursery. One more piece and I would have been one step away from Sister Parish!

Once again, knowing that I have very limited storage and that babies just seem to sprout stuff, I tried to find storage solutions in every corner. Like this hook for favorite sweaters and this positively ancient red book bag with an elephant on it that I believe I found at a boot sale in London more than 15 years ago.  It is the perfect place to put papers or things out of baby’s reach.

Oh and the curtains are an old tablecloth I pulled out of my vintage linen collection.

And can you see the banner? The wonderful banner that Karen M. made for my baby shower? I was determined to use it and I finally put it up. I is the icing on the cake of the room for me. I think it adds a nice dash of charm. Yes?

I don’ t know if the corner is officially finished or not. I was going to put up these simply darling colorful kiddie records on the wall.  Thoughts? I would absolutely love your feedback, so please leave a note and I’ll post new pix if anything changes.

Next up, another corner soon, I promise. Slowly, but surely, I’m making progress!

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4 thoughts on “Nursery Update–A Little Corner”

  1. i love the 4th “R!” i just wish i knew how to sew.

    my stepmother taught me a useful trick to get longer use out an old cedar chest or to keep a new sidetable looking new: put a 1/4″ thick glass top on it. depending on the style of furniture itself, you can finish the edges to match it, such as square, round or beveled.

    keep the tips coming!

  2. I meant to leave a comment yesterday and got so busy, sorry! Still busy, but here we go:

    LOVE the trunk.
    LOVE the elephant book bag even more.
    LOVE the banner – If you want it to stand out more, maybe put some red/green/pink/whatever rikrak around the edges of the lighter triangles?

    I think it all looks GREAT – And I’m sure the Peach loves it too, yes?

  3. You’re such an inspiration! We’re working on transforming the hallway into an actual nursery-looking place, and I finally decided just to hang child-friendly artwork. Of which we only have two pieces. But I LOVE the bookbag idea!

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