The Story of Dots

Dottie is a nickname. My last name is Dotson. My father and brothers have all had the nickname “Dot” and now it’s my turn to carry the “Dot” handle, but with a saucier girly groove. I’ve been told that “Dottie” suits me just dandy, thank you very much. But with a nickname like Dottie, well, you just have to love dots. And that means in the knitting realm too.

Such as these two lovely baby sweaters I made during a Seamless Sweater Workshop at Atelier, which is right downstairs from my apartment. Do you know how wonderful it is to literally live on the same block as your favorite yarn store? I assure you, it is sheer heaven, but a bit rough on the purse at times.

I bought the yarn during a little day trip down to Half Moon Bay with My Sweetie who let me loose in Fengari, this wonderful little knitting shop that was having a sidewalk sale. Both bags of yarn included six skeins of soft cotton yarn and were on sale for $15 for each color. Now, people, I couldn’t leave them at the store, could I?

I feel it’s my civic friend duty to knit sweaters for babies. They were addictive little sweaters to make. I had to mix the colors, they just begged for it. Nice bright colors for kids. One goes off to a family friend in Boulder, Colorado and the other to the owner of Manifesto, the best dress shop in SF.

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One thought on “The Story of Dots”

  1. UGH i would KILL for a yarn store below my apartment! As it is all the yarn stores in my area close around 5 and I don’t get home until 5:15 at the very earliest (and I take the train so there’s no pit stops on the way)

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