Ebay Ecstasy

I know we are in the dog days of summer, but I decided to do some spring cleaning, inspired by my friend Jennifer who is selling almost everything she owns in prep for her move to London. And as I mentioned I am feeling more seventies prep than my normal vintage swing look, so I’m getting rid of some of my favorites including a couple of Manifesto dresses.

I’ve spent a good chunk of the past weekend taking pictures of the pieces. Some of my first photos were…uh… not as well styled as I would like–like this one which had a Weight Watchers Chocolate Mint frozen ice cream cone in the corner.  BTW, that is a very fancy Francesco Biasia bag that I spent a fortune on and am now selling for a pittance!

But then we found the perfect corner, which I think makes me look much cooler and hipper than I am in real life.

Books, vintage cameras and typewriter,  booze and Trechnikoff as background. Much better!  This dress by the way, is one of the Manifesto dresses that I just wore to death back in the day. But it sadly has a broken zipper, which I think means it probably won’t sell, but that’s fine. I kinda want to keep it…

If you are interested check out the other eBay auctions here.

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4 thoughts on “Ebay Ecstasy”

  1. The ice cream cone? Are you kidding me? That is genius. GENIUS!!!

    (OK, what’s with this insane security on your blog my love? I have to solve an arithmatic problem and submit the crazy “CAPTCHA code”?? Aye yi yi! Just install some sophisticated “Mission Impossible” laser beams and be done with it all! haha)

  2. Oh my! I didn’t even see that? I think Eric must have added it! I must admit, I had to pause to figure it out. Boo math!

    I think it was due to the insane spam I was getting. Sigh!

  3. I noticed the painting you have hung on the wall. There is a Tavern in Town that has the same pic on their wall. Is it old or is there a story behind it. The Tavern is the Echos Tavern and has been in Jefferson City, MO for ever. Where did you get it?

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