When I’m not knitting I’m dancing

You see, I’m a Devil-Ette (www.devilettes.com). The Devil-Ettes are a 15 girl synchronized go-go dance troupe based out of SF and we perform old dances from the sixties in ultra sassy fringed outfits and go-go boots. Great fun as you can imagine, but also a lot of work. Like mind boggling drive me to drink amounts of work at times. The group is something of an SF institution and been around for six plus glorious year creating its own dance dance revolution.

Every gal in the group has a nickname. And we all have the same first name “THE”. Like The Pixie, The Cherry Bomb, The Saucy One. I’m The Smarty Pants. I think is suits me well. I wish I could dance with my glasses to get more of that smarty vibe across, but we move around and sweat so much that my glasses would just go flying off my face and hit someone in the audience.

Although we put on San Francisco’s Burlesque convention, we don’t remove a stitch of clothing and are so PG, it’s funny. The moves might look easy, but holy canoli, try getting them all synchronized with more than a dozen of us. Woof! Hard work!

We are in the “Devil-Ette” performing season right now, which is taking away from my knitting, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I wanted to bring up the Devil-Ettes now, because they will be part of my blog entries for the next couple of months, since we are in the season. Just sort giving you the background plot, if you know what I mean.

But back to knitting. I just was very naughty and ordered a lot of yarn from eBay AND even naughtier, I bought one of Kim Hargreaves sweater kits. I’ve been wanting to knit a fitted blazer-like sweater for awhile and who could say no to Kim Hargreaves. Here’s the one I’m doing. Kim Hargreaves actually wrote me back—delightfully British and polite in her choice of words telling me that they were out of my first choice of color and would I mind picking another colour, etc.

Hoping it will come in the mail TODAY. We’ll see.

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